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An Ahhhhhhhsome Wintertime Getaway--The Lodge at Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso

.....yes, pull up a chair would ya please.  And I'll share a few of my secret finds with you. 
You know this AHHHHHH-some trip all started at The Lodge at Sierra Blanca. 
My down-time winter getaway.  It's the Ultimate Relaxation Headquarters for Couples, Families....why even Pets!  And what better place to relax......
.....than by the fireplace on a chilly winter's morn.
After our first busy day at Ski Apache......I relaxed in style at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.  And AFTER I woke up from my snoozy nighttime dreams....why I just had to go out on the deck of my suite  to check out the day's dawning.  Nice!  Looks like a great day is ahead of us! 
 So...I had to get Jill going....a little TUFF-RUFF love to get her up and ready!  Let's GO!  No more lollygagging around that nice fire in the suite!  The day has begun!

First stop---
And bark about a Yummy Breakfast!  Their complimentary Breakfast at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca is a Complete HOT Breakgast which even includes their Made-To-Order Omelette Station. I told Jill to order a MEAT omelette....of dog-course!  And they stuffed that tasty omelette with sausage, bacon, ham, cheese...and of course topped it off with our famous New Mexico Green Chile.  I'm also partial to Biscuits and sausage gravy...which they also had.  Delectable!  Gets a 5-paw rating from this dog-scriminating diner!

Now THAT is what I mean when I bark about a great start to a day in Ruidoso!  And speaking of Ruidoso...while Jill is enjoying her breakfast,  guess I'll just settle down with a cup of Cowboy Brew by the fireside and peruse the Ruidoso Visitor Guide to plan our day.

 OMD...this might be TUFF!  There's SO many doggone fun things to do in Ruidoso...where's a dawg (and his people) to start...must ponder this doglemma!

 Maybe we should just head down Sudderth Drive....THE shopping MECCA of Ruidoso!  They have everything from clothing....why they even have BEARS for sale!

They have BEARS of ALL sizes and shapes at Grizzly's Workshop....Hmmmm......maybe we should take one home....
 But somehow I don't think this BEARY BIG guy will fit into our car!  Maybe I'll just take a carved dog home instead!

Should I get the little guy who looks like ME....or the big Fido with the duck in his mouth!  Gotta think on this awhile.   But either way...a chainsaw carved bear (or dog) is a doggone grand souvenir from Ruidoso!

But it's time to mosey on down Sudderth Drive to see what else we can about a bit of history?
 Well...that would of course mean a quick stop at the Dowlin Mill.....been there since 1869 and is Ruidoso's OLDEST BUILDING!  See.....not only am I doggone good lookin' but this dawg is a brainiac too!  I KNOW very important stuff!  That's right...just stick with me and you TOO can learn very important good-to-know stuff about New Mexico!

And speaking of MORE history......let's roll on down the road a ways past Ruidoso Downs Race Track and Hubbard Museum of the American West.....and roll on to check out some Old West tidbits of information about New Mexico's BAD BOY.....and I'm NOT talkin' about me.....but rather.
 Billy the Kid.  And where better to learn about him than at the Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway Visitors Center.
 It's got cool stuff this lifesize mural of a grand elk....native to New Mexico!  And other animals who are "tracking'  around our state and the Ruidoso area.
 WoW!  Look at all these tracks on their wall!  Wonder how those animals got their painted paw prints on that wall.....I WANT MINE ON THERE TOO!  Ya hear?
Or maybe I should put my pawprint in their little walkway where you can take a fun little walk-about at the BTK Center.
But time's awastin'....and I need to learn all there is to know about New Mexico's "KID" think I'll just go inside and sit down and take in more dog-knowledge to add to my already BIG HEAD!  Did you know that there is a Billy the Kid Scenic Byway you can explore!  True!  And did you know that you can even get your PICTURE with the KID? 

AW-OH!  He's so lifelike that I'm not sure about his intentions....bein' the bad boy he was!
HE'S BEHIND ME....ISN'T HE?  Don't do anything bad to me please.... I'm checkin' out, Mr. Billy!  Why I think I better check out some other fun displays my crazy DEER PHOTO OP with none other than New Mexico's most famous bear ever.....SMOKEY BEAR!  (Hint....if ya don't see me right off....look close at Bambi!)  Yep that would be me!  Jack the Deer!  HA!  This is one fun museum! I highly dog-recommend it for both people and their pets.......seeing as they are in fact pet-friendly!
 We had so much fun at the museum that by the time we left this glorious Winter Day was half over...and it was time to EAT! ( of my favorite things to do on home......just everywhere!)

So we moseyed on down the road...and when we saw this cute little eatery....The Village Buttery  we decided to test it out....AND to see if it passes the PET-FRIENDLY test.
So while I settled in at one of theire fancy-dancy tables on their Deck area....Jill went inside to check out the doggone true facts!  Do they allow pets?  Is there food good? What are their specialties.....ALL those important things to know when you are hungry.
So Jill met up with the owner Elliot Taylor.....He was guarding his delightful, delectable deelicious pies in the Pie Case.  YUM...can't wait to get my lips on some of those sweet taste treats.  But first things first.  Jill asked him all the important questions and his answers were ALL "YES!"  So Jill real quick...ordered a tasty lunch for us to share on their PET-io deck.And quick as two shakes of the tail....they served it up to us.

 We enjoyed their Soup & Sandwich Combo of the day.....(gluten free) Tomato Basil Soup, A Chicken Salad Croissant with a side of chips.  Some hot tea in a mug to cut the chill of the day...and of course ......
 we HAD to try out their house specialty  GRANDMA GUTHRIE'S FAMOUS BUTTERMILK PIE.
                                                 DOUBLE DOG YUM!
THANKS Village Buttery for being such a dog-fabulous Eatery!  We'll be I mean BACK for

But the day is still young....and we decided on our way out of town...on our tour of WHY Ruidoso is such an Ahhhhhhsome Wintertime Getaway.....we would check out their RUIDOSO WINTER PARK
the "PREMIER PLAYGROUND for a winter time day.    
The Park DOES allow dogs in the picnic area by the Bleachers.  So that's where we headed.  We wanted to check out the action
And action we found!  There were kids of ALL ages, shapes and sizes that were riding their magic carpet...moving conveyors to the top of the NO schlepping up the side of the mountain....nope whisked up their easy as one-two-three!  They have 1200 tubes to rent......from one man to 10 man.  BARK about fun!  Why they even have a Zip Line!  Pretty doggone cool place for the whole family to have some wintertime fun! 
 So.....on our way out of town.......we dogcided it was necessary to let the good folks at The Lodge at Sierra Blanca.....know how much fun we had on our Ahhhhhhhhsome Wintertime Getaway.  From relaxing by the fireside at the Lodge to having fun in the snow.......RUIDOSO is just a doggone grand winter escape.

And then.......imagine this.  While I was just sitting around looking handsome on their Lodge Lounge Round Settee....who shows up but my good buddy....Mr. Steve-the General Manager of the Lodge.
And what--do dog-tell----did he have for me?  A tasty Doggy Treat Bag (that they give out to ALL the dogs who visit)......another one for me for the road!  Now friends is an ABOVE-AND-DOG-BEYOND fabulous way to end our Ahhhhhhsome winter getaway.

And here is our latest TV segment about this very same subject.....Winter Wonderland Ruidoso....available to you right here.  See what the Host of 2KASA Style TV, Chad and Jill and I talked about on the show. 

And recommendation to you.............................

PLAN YOUR VACATION at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso  NOW!
just barkin!
My not-so-humble dog-pinion.....
because after all....I AM the Pre-eminent Pet Travel Reporter of New Mexico! 
And Travelin' Jack KNOWS!
So if you are as smart as'll listen up and plan your trip now.


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