Friday, January 10, 2014

Wintertime Dream Getaway-Red River New Mexico!

Travelin' Jack here......and it's high time for a wintertime getaway!  RED RIVER here we come!  In case you are wonderin' about my little travel buddy him from Santa Paws....and he goes everywhere with me...that is till I decide to destuff him!  Anyway...back to the business at paw.....
                                                            RED RIVER!

 We all know that Red River is known as a family friendly ski area....and that would of course be none other than  the RED RIVER SKI AREA  WWW.REDRIVERSKIAREA.COM where there is fun awaitin' the whole family...INCLUDIN....thank you very much....the pup! 
 OKay...I can't ski on the slopes...but I CAN get my picture taken with some fancy dancy skier out there

And I CAN sit on the deck at the Lift House Bar & Grill at the base of the ski area and do one of my doggone most favorite things to do------PEOPLE WATCH! 

And watch those crazy skiers is exactly what I did!  BARK about fun! You know my dog-personal philosophy is
and they do prove that in Red River!  So even IF you don't like to way, jose!  But I can still have a doggone grand time watching the action on the mountain!  
   Course we all know that you can't go on vacation without a place to stay...right?  And Red River has that covered just fine and dog-dandy too!  Why.....if you check out this page on their has ALL the poop---er I mean scoop---on Pet Friendly Red River lodging and other things.  But don't take my bark for it...check it out yourself right here   Pretty doggone cool, eh?

I did my research...and I'm staying at the Golden Eagle Lodge....check out these fancy digs, eh?  Nice place....cozy furniture....why they even have a playground for li'l ol' MOI!  Well...maybe for 2-footed kids too.....that's okay...I'll share the fun in the snow!  
Come on's a snowy good time!

And speakin' of snow.....there's MORE snowy adventures awaitin'....and I am headin' to
Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski  I met up with the owner...Mr. Geoff at the Snow Headquarters...and he told me that they have a dedicated area for dogs!  And their people too!  See...they know a really important rule of FUN....bring the dog along!
 First off....I gotta get my paw measured for some snowshoes..........................hmmmm!

 NAH!  I'm just spoofin' ya.  Dogs don't snowshoe...but they sure can romp in the snow....I know because I did!
 WoW!  Whoever said New Mexico doesn't have snow?  NOT this dog!  Why...I almost drowned in the white stuff!Gotta shake it off!  Maybe I should stay on the trail!
 Yah.....back on the groomed this is more like it!  Talk about some pretty country to explore, eh?  And I'm just so doggone pleased that they include dogs at Enchanted Forest!  Why the even have DOG DAYS at the end of ski season (in March) where dogs can go EVERYWHERE on the course!  LUV IT!  Now this is MY idea of a fun wintertime getaway.

 And of course...there's lots more to do in Red shop, dine, relax, people watch....oh I already said that...but it's all true!  Why I am just so doggone in LUV with Red River that Jill and I barked about it...well she talked...I barked.....on TV.  We were on 2KASA Style TV just this week...and if you just  click on this'll see what we shared with the TV world!

                                             may be January....but like Chad the TV host says....."Don't sit around and pout because its winter......head on up to RED RIVER for a great wintertime getaway!"

and I do dog-definitely agree with you my friend, Mr. Chad!  SO.......with all these little tasty tidbits of info......I gotta's SUPPERTIME! (somebody said tidbits!)   But I do dog-totally recommend that YOU might want to plan your next little wintertime getaway in REd River New Mexico!


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