Monday, February 3, 2014

Puppy Bowls....Stories in the Sky.....Doggy Date.....and JACK OF HEARTS?

It's been one busy week....let me tell you!

First Stop!  ALBUQUERQUE BALLOON MUSEUM.....for Stories in the Sky.  And guess who is the Special Guest Star?  Did you guess Travelin' Jack? Then you would be RIGHT! 
Lots and lots and lots of little Kids came.....MY FAVORITES!  I just LUV kids.....big, little, boys, girls, shy, tuff, busy, sweet...they are ALL #1 in my dog book!  The more the better I always bark!

And speaking of bark.....well...not exactly bark.  But Jill read my book

Travelin' Jack's Story.....From Shelter to Star.
ALL the kids loved you can see.  And I just love to sit around and watch the kids while they learn all about me! After is my Dog-Ography.  And it has a doggone happy ending too!  BTW....It's available at local book stores, the Balloon Museum Gift Shop...and on line on my website store too   

 And after my story was over....why I was dog-honored.  Miss Laurie....the Hostess of Stories in the Sky...who invited me.....told another story....and guess what!  It starred ME....and a Ball!  WoW!  I was dogmerized to be the star of another story!  Thanks Miss Laurie!  I'll come I mean BACK any ol' time you need a celebrity dog!  I love our Balloon Museum here in Albuquerque.  It's the BEST!

And then the BIG Game rolled around on Sunday.  Now to some of you pigskin fans out might be thinkin' Super Bowl!  And you would be WRONG!  Us dogs in the know...really know what the BIG GAME is...and that would of course be Puppy Bowl X!  I put my GAME ON T-shirt....and settled down in front of the ol' telly...
Just in case you missed it (DOG FORBID!)....and you are wondering who won....
why every single puppy won!  They were all Adorable Adoptable Pups...and they all got new Forever Families.
And THAT  my friends is why it is called the BIG GAME!  
All bets settled once and for all!  

But dawned on me...with all these dog-tastic things happening in my life.....there is a HOWLIDAY quickly approaching....Valentine's Day!
And what does that have to do with dogs, you ask? got me thinkin'......DOGGY DATE!  
Yep...what better way to get into Valentine's Day than with a hot pup date!   

 So I called up my little Boston Terrier sweetie....better known as LIBERTY...and I barks to her.....

Meet me at Three Dog Bakery....and I'll treat you to a Valentine Doggy Date! 
And quicker than she could put on her fancy dress she was there!  WoW! Miss are lookin' pretty barkin' good! All dolled up in your Valentine Doggy Dress.   What tasty treat does your little heart desire today?
 And she barked to me that she wanted a GRASS SUNDAE...with a couple of pupcakes on the side.....ORDER'S UP!  Talk about a double dog yummy treat!
 Hey.....Liberty.....are you gonna eat it all?  Or maybe share with me......your buddy Travelin' Jack?
 OK...that's more like it!  There's enough here for both of us!  WoW.  Luv favorite GRASS Ice Cream!
 But after we were done with that sweet was time to work off those next stop on our Pup Date......the Dog Park!  We headed to North Domingo Baca Dog of Albuqeurque's 13 (YES you read right THIRTEEN....dedicated Dog Parks!).  One of the reasons Albuquerque was named the #1 Pet Friendly Town in the U.S. to visit! By no less!  No Dog wonder why, eh? 

But I dogress....back to the Story.  Here we are checking out the rules to the park.  Because you do know that you must put on your best Pup-etiquette when you go to the park.  It's easy...they just tell you what you can and can't's you don't get in dog-trouble you know!  Not me....not Gentleman Jack! I ALWAYS follow the rules....where-ever I go...and I recommend you do the same. 

 So we romped around a bit...til we were dog-tired...and then we took a bit of a rest on the park bench...when I thought to myself  "Jack...what's the best way to end a Doggy Date?"
 Well...if you want to hear the rest of this dog-love-tail.......(get my bulldog joke there?  Tail.....not TALE....HA! I am just so clever I can't believe it!).........

Tune in this Wednesday on TV to 2KASA Style.  Chad the Host and I will be playing some cards.
I'll take a JACK OF HEARTS...thank you very much! (PupScript...if you are not in the ABQ viewing area...don't dogspair...I'll post a link to the show on Thursday!).

For now...and in anticipation of Valentine's Day....



  1. Hi Jack, it is great to find you! I, too, live in Albuquerque with my siblings The White Dog Army. We have a blog We heard about you from a vet friend who is helping us plan a My Dog and Me Blood Drive...she said you might help us by posting a blog article about it. Check out our blog, visit my momma's website at and I hope we can become friends.

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