Monday, February 17, 2014

JACK of HEARTS.....On the Job!

OK.....when I planned an action packed Valentine's Week...that is exactly what it was!  I guess I really AM Jack of Hearts because I was handin' out hearts of all kinds for over a week now. 
 First Stop....2 KASA Style with my TV bud.....Chad Brummett!  Here we are at the end of our Valentine's Tips for Dogs show.  Doggone good info as always from this all-knowing, all-barking dog! 
 But we just got started there......after was on over to the 770 KKOB Radio Station...where I went on the air with Terrie Q.......Host of the Weekend Show.  You DO know what the Q stands for don't you?  Not sure?  Well...I--Travelin' Jack--know this secret info!  It means QUEEN of the Air Waves!  Least that's what this dog thinks!  And I am pretty doggone sure I am right on the bones!  Anyway, we talked about our Jack of Heart Open House at Lucky Paws to help out the pets at the shelter.....

so...soon as we were done with our Live Radio we hurried right over to Coronado Mall to the Lucky Paws Adoption Center.  There we got ready for the BIG I mean PAWtee! 
 Here are some of the great gals who work there...and do a doggone grand job of getting these pups and kittens adopted to forever homes.  Melanie..the dog (LUCKY PAWS) has a new forever family.  Yah! take good care of that new family ya hear? I know you will! 
 But the party started.  We had all sorts of fun happenings.....folks could donate some $s and get a Valentine treat bag to donate to the shelter pets.  The kids LUVed doing that...and of course loving on me too!  I handed out my brand new Jack of Hearts Trading cards....and of course doled out plenty of Jack-Smack Kisses too!
 Then....SURPRISE of all surprises!   (Being the bulldog reporter that I am) I had nosed out some exciting news.....the City Shelter has a BRAND NEW mascot....and he showed up at the Open House for his big Dog-Debut!  But what I DIDN'T know was that he would look like me!  Yup...brown fur....white chest, short flippy ears...same nose shape....why I am just SO proud that he looks like ME!  Who wudda thought!
 I was so excited about making new friends with my bulldog mascot buddy that I had to climb right on his lap! Yup-Pup...we are grand friends now.  Can't wait to see him again!  Soon I hope.  And here's some more HOT OFF THE PAW-PRESS news!  He doesn't have a name yet....and the City is going to hold a contest to name him!  So stay tuned!  Maybe you can help name him! 

Now here's what I'm recommending.....he looks like me....and my name is what if we named him JACKPOT!  He could represent all those shelter pets who hit the JACKPOT when they got their new forever family! 

YUP...that's MY dog-personal choice!

It was  a wonderful event.  We had lots of visitors...a bunch of pets were adopted that day...we gathered over 100 Valentine treat bags for the shelter pets and we raised lots of $$$s for SAVE LUCKY PAWS...who takes care of the pets there!  A DOGGONE good day if I do BARK so myself.

Now on to the next Valentine treat!  Il Vicino Pizzeria Westside location.     
 I met up there with Miss Samantha from Meals on Wheels...and Mr. Richard from the Pizzeria!  He was SO nice to make a donation to Meals on Wheels from our howl-i-day party there!  And we passed off the bucks to the pet program at Meals on Wheels....and of course had some very tasty pizza afterwards.  Now that is a DOUBLE DOG good deal, if ya ask me!
 Time to take a TV break for my favorite show....the Westminster Dog Show.  I of dog-course am rooting for the BULLDOG....but dog-dag-nab-it!  Wasn't to be.   They picked some little terrier guy...cute enough I guess but NOT a bulldog.  What were those judges thinkin'?  I'm gonna have to have a serious talk with them before next year's show.   
 But now it's Valentine's Day pup-proper!  And that means one thing only for this Jack of Hearts...time to deliver some special valentines to my friends.  I'll start with this cute little gal...ain't she a cutie!  I could just kiss her!

 But I really have to visit all my bestest friends in Jill and I hit the roads and made visits here..there...everywhwere about town..delivering Valentine sweets.  here I am presenting a cake I made with my own paws (if you believe that I have a dog-bridge over the desert to sell you!)  BTW..that's one of my hilarious bulldog jokes!  BOL!
  Miss ARE gonna share with me, aren't you?  I won't eat it all...I dog-promise!  

And that is how I spent my Valentine's week....BUT....I got to end it with a very special event on Sunday night.  I was dog-vited to be a celebrity dog guest at a Book Signing event!  Bookworks Book Store hosted an international author of a series of books...

and since I am an award winning dog-author....
and since I am international (sort of...I'm an Olde ENGLISH Bulldogge!)
and since the book series is about DOGS
and since I am just so doggone adoraBULL.....

I was invited to come to the event at the Balloon Museum! very favorite museum of ALL....becuase of a dog-zillion reasons!       

So off we went to the event.

 We met the I am with her and some of her many admirers who came to meet her and get her new books. 

 She came ALL THE WAY from SCOTLAND...yep, she is Scottish!  WoW!  I do know how to hang with the BIG DOGS don't I?  So since she is Scottish..they had a real live Scottish Bag Piper!  They say it's music....if ya ask this dawg....not sure about that!  Sounded sort of loud and crazy to me!  Just barking my personal dog-pinion though!  Everyone else seemed to love it!   
 Then she spoke....that would be the author  ERIN HUNTER.......but here is another brilliant factoid that this dog reporter discovered!  That is her PEN NAME....she has a real name.....and I know what it is!  But her books all have the name Erin Hunter.  Just sayin.......I bet YOU didn't know that now, did you? is my job to inform!  So there you have it!
 I....and the big crowd were just dazzled by her presentation.....we all listened closely....but I did take a moment to snap a SELFIE during the big event.


So after the presentation was over...I just HAD to get one of her books...after all they are about DOGS!  No brainer.  So I asked her....."Would you pup-pretty please autograph it for me?" 
 And she nicely her very Scottish accent.  "OF COURSE TRAVELIN" JACK!"
 And she did JUST that! I a lucky dog or what!?!  Can't wait to get home and read it now!  Thanks Miss Gillian....'er I mean Miss Erin Hunter!  
And now.....I'm just doggone worn out!  Ya gotta admit....that was one busy Valentine's Week, eh?  Think I'll just take a bit of a nap's hopin' YOUR Valentine's Day was XOXOXO!!!!!


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