Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring is in the Air.....and are there Wedding Bells for Jack?

Springtime is ALMOST here....and there are so many doggone cool things that happen in the I-Travelin' Jack thought I'd give you a few pointers on Springime Happenings.....for every Eligible Bachelor Dawg Man out there!
 But first things first.  Spring is also for getting spruced up!  And the BEST way to do that is to get your pawsonal Grooming Spa Day at Albuquerue Doggie Spa! These gals know how to treat a pup...from the moment you enter....

                         To the finishing masterpiece at the end of your specialized treatment.
  You can see they sure do know how to treat their canine customers too!  WoW! I got the ALL HANDS ON DECK treatment...and I LUVed every minute of it.

 Why I even got my very own report card......just in case you're wonderin' what it said....they said I was MAGNANIMOUS!  Ha!  Got them fooled!  Luv ya!  They really took good care of in return on their report card...I give them an A+++++

But seriously, why should you groom your dog?  And this goes for even short haired dogs that don't need to have their hair cut!

Here's a couple dog-dandy reasons!
1)  They shampoo and condition your dog's coat so it is soft, fluffy, and silky shiny.  Why it even helps with my shedding problem. (BUT  PULEEZE don't tell anyone I have a shedding problem!) I want all the girl dogs to think I am pawfect!...which of course I am!
2) They cut your nails.  No worries about YOU hurting your pup or cutting them accidentally.  Leave the trimming to the experts.
3) They clean my ears.  Now here's a Jack-FACT.  Since I have been getting groomed, I no longer have  ear infections..and I USED to get them!  So..this is a doggone good thing in my books!
4) They express your anal glands...something we dogs don't like to bark about...but it is good hygiene!
5) And of course they give haircuts of all types to furry dogs of all sizes and shapes.
6) Plus other special things too!  Just ask them...they'll take good care of you I dog-guarantee!

In other's a good thing all the way around.  And while I recommend regular grooming....since it is Springtime (almost)..this is just a reminder of why YOU should take your dog to get groomed!

And that's the end of this grooming tip...but I can't leave the Albuquerque Doggie Spa without a Jack-Smack Kiss!  MWAAAAHHHH! Thanks a dog-zillion!  It was grand!  And now that I am all spruced's time to go to a PAWTEE!

 Now this is no ordinary party...let me bark at you!  It's a special birthday party for a young lady by the name of HADLEY.....she's in the white T-shirt with that big gorgeous smile!  See..this is why it is so special!  Hadley decided that she wanted to have her birthday party at LUCKY PAWS Adoption Center.  So that she could tell all her friends why they should adopt their next pet from a shelter.  AND she did just that!  She also invited ME to her birthday party!  Why I was dog-honored for sure!  How many dogs get invited to cute girl birthday parties!?  HA!  I'm so glad I was a part of their good times!  At the end of the party..each child made a $$donation to Save Lucky each and everyone of them helped the shelter pets! 

Now THAT my friends is a DOGGONE dog-fabulous way to celebrate a birthday!  Miss Hadley You are #1 in my books!  Luv Ya!  MWAAAAHHH! you know...I am one busy before I could get a dog-blink in....we were off to another adventure!  To Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe. 

And let me give you the scoop....Here is where you might just be hearing wedding bells!  But...before the PUParazzi get all up in arms about having missed this dog-bachelor's wedding......never fear.....
This wedding party is NOT for me!

 But I did need to get spruced up for my role in none other than most probably the doggone best WEDDING EVENT anywhere...the Northern NM Wedding Expo.  So I hit the Spa for a touch up on my paw-fect looks.....

 And I was off to be part of the Wedding Expo!  How do you think I look?  I'm REDdy to hit the runway and WoW the folks at the show!
 But before it all starts....being the snoop dog-doggy-reporter that I am...I had to check out the show!  There were all sorts of cool businesses this here photographer from Los Alamos.  They were super cool...and I sorta like their Mr. and Mrs. Settee too! 

And of course what show would be complete without MUSIC!  I had the dog-privilege to be located next to Guitarist Extraordinaire....John P. Martinez! Now here's a super dooper hint...he would be a GREAT musician to have at ANY or other-dog-wise!  I liked him a lot!  
And what wedding would be complete without a dress, right?  Well Christines Bridal and Formal Wear had some nice glittery dresses for the whole wedding party!  You can check them out at
And of course I don't go anywhere without new friends. I became BESTEST of best friends with Phil here!  He and I even worked the runway together!
  So we're in this together Phil! buddy Phil.

But it's SHOWTIME!  And this dog is not a-slacking!  It's time to get my place behind the scenes waiting for my big moment to walk the red carpet and the Fashion Show runway!  (Now just in case you're a-wondering...this is not MY first gig working the fashion circuit!) No-sir-dog-a-ree!  I'm an Old hat at this modeling thing...the 4th time I've been a dog-model in a fashion show!  So's....if you are needin' a Dog-Model-Extraordinaire....just call on JACK!

 And here we go!  What do you think?  I'm just one o' the guys eh?  We do make some handsome Male Models if ya ask me!  Yup-Pup!  For Sure!  I do know how to work  a crowd! 
And before you know it...another Bridal Fashion Show is over.  And I'm one pooped-out pooch!  This being a model is hard work doggone it!  And of course..between the two fashion shows....I was raising $$s for the shelter pups and kitties.  So it was one busy day for this Wedding dog!  While I am here at the POSH Buffalo Thunder Resort...think I'll rest my weary paws for a little pet-cation to round out my day!  And there's NO BETTER PLACE than Buffalo Thunder Resort for that paw-fect getaway!

And with that I'll just close by saying....

" wedding bells for Jack! I like being New Mexico's Most Eligible Dog-Bachelor!"
and if you play it right....all you cute little lassie pups out there....I might just say to you one day soon

"Would YOU accept this rose?"

Signing off for now.......


  1. Hi, I love your photos!!!! Is there any way we can use one of them on our travel website for pet owners.. Pet Hotels of America?

  2. Of course Lisa. We would appreciate a credit or a link to Jack's blog....if possible. Do you have a specific pic in mind? We have many others as well.

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