Monday, March 17, 2014

The Many Faces of Erin Go BARK!

Time to wear the GREEN!  I say there.....ERIN GO BARK!  We're ALL Irish today! I say...we should all dress in style for the day!  Here's To St. Patty!  I'm proud to wear green!
Why here's that sweet Irish Lass Jacquette!  Ain't she a doll?

 And sweet Jack.   Can I puleeze have an Irish Cookie?

  Or MAYBE a beer?  GLUG GLUG!
 Pawhaps a little Irish jig and some tunes from that ol' Bagpiper!
 But however you celebrate it!  Have a GREEN one! 
And DON'T celebrate TOO much or you might end up lookin' like this!  ERIN GO BARK!


1 comment:

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