Thursday, May 22, 2014

FAST TRACKING JACK.......Back Tracking Jack!

King Jack here reporting on my fast tracking schedule recently.  But I need to back- track a bit. 
Let's head back to my favorite Museum of all time.....
The Balloon Museum.....of dog-course!  As you know, I work there in between my reporting on all things PET in New Mexico.  And there was a GRRRRReat event at the Balloon Museum a few weeks back...and this dog was not about to miss out on the fun!
 So I donned my crown ad my purple pup robe...and checked out the activities.  There were exhibits of all things Renaissancey....and folks dressed up in finery too.  Look at this little she looks like royalty to me for sure!

 And I ran into one of my best buddies, Linda...even she was dressed up for the fun! 
I sure enjoyed ruling over my kingdom!  I got to visit with LOTS of fine folks...and of course they ALL recognized royalty when they saw me!  Who wouldn't huh?  Why I had SO much fun being KING FOR THE DAY....I may have to just do it again!

But it's time to get back to work at the Balloon Museum....and you just never know where  the official AMBASSA-DOG might show up!  Why.....maybe I'll sell you some great gifts from our Museum Shoppe!  "Thanks for your purchase Sir! Come back soon!"

Or maybe I'll hang out with all the cute little kiddos who come to Stories in the Sky!  Every Wednesday.....FREE to ALL kids everywhere...oh and their family can come too!  There's storytelling, activities and arts and crafts!  FUN for sure....even for this dog!
  And there is always that need for those special photo ops at the Balloon Museum!  Here I am posing with the Museum Manager, Mr. Sandy Cohen. Hey...we're flyin' high now, aren't we Mr. Sandy!  Let's take a ride in this beautiful balloon!
  But back to work again!  Time to get serious!  Did you know that we are holding a dog-fabulous Membership Drive for the Balloon Museum Foundation?  It's true!  Here I am presenting our FIRST EVER Corporate Member....Mr. Waleed Ashoo of LithExcel Communications.  Thanks Mr. Waleed  for making the commitment to help out!  You are the BEST....and your money and support helps us fund all those special education programs at the Stories in the Sky!  Thanks a Dog-Zillion for being a GRRRRReat Community Partner!

And do you know what else?  I don't just bark about all these things!  I take action on ALL my causes! I am signing up for my very own membership to the Balloon Museum!  YaHOO!  I just dog-scovered I am THE FIRST CANINE MEMBER OF THE BALLOON MUSEUM FOUNDATION!  Another 1st for this dawg!  LUV it!  It's easy...and dog-obviously any one can become a member.  Have you signed up yet? good dog-duties don't stop there.  While workin' away the other day, I got a call.  From my friends at Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of New Mexico.  I am one of their (favorite of course)  Dog Blood Donors.  And it is time to once again donate some of my blood to help out my canine cousins at the Dog-Hospital.  Here I am receiving my Thank You gift from the Tech at VESCNM.   It's easy....and it doesn't even hurt....and I get a gift!  Now that's a win-win-win!  I love being a Dog Blood Donor. Just another day in the life of a workin' dog!

Pretty quick......quicker than a dog-blink........Saturday rolled around and I'm off to FUN work for a cause of course!  The wonderful Idalia Road Marketplace ( in Rio Rancho held their annual PAWS for the CAUSE fundraiser for the Rio Rancho Animal Shelter.  They needed a Dog who did they call?  Why ME---TV Canine Star and all-around wonderful Dog----TRAVELIN' JACK!  And when they called......I said...."I AM SO THERE!"  And off we went to help raise some bones for the furry kids at the Shelter.
But of course....I can't do these things without making a new friend or two along the way!  And Idalia Road Market was no dog-ception!  I met LOTS of good folks...but I 'specially like my new Buddy Lance!  We hit it right off!  Thanks for being my new buddy Lance!  See you round soon!

Yep......It's been a busy couple of weeks, and for sure I've been fast tracking......but what is new?  Stay tuned for more adventures I'll be barking about soon!



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