Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feelin' the summer heat? Travelin' Jack's TIPS on a COOL mountain getaway-RUIDOSO NM

Back again to one of our favorite resorts in New Mexico... That would of dog-course be the Lodge at Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso!  But this time we're here for a BUSINESS trip.  Of course that doesn't stop me-Travelin' Jack (New Mexico's pre-eminent Pet Travel Reporter) from doing his job!  Which is checking out new finds and great things to do in and about Ruidoso!

First off, the fact that the resort welcomes pets, not just verbally but with a doggy treat bag upon arrival is NOT a bad thing at all!

Secondly, the additional fact that there are big roomy suites that allow a pet to relax in comfort at the end of a long day is always nice too. Rooms and suites include in-room refrigerators (some have full kitchens too), so that I-Jack can keep my favorite treats cold and fresh for a tasty in-room dinner.

Third, the Lobby Lounge is so relaxing for both people and pets. You can sit in the comfortable chairs in this beautiful setting.....gigantic stone fireplace, in-Lobby bar, a gift shop and boutique options with everything from logo sportswear to beautiful locally hand-crafted fine jewelry. Why you might even meet up with a TV celebrity here... Like I did on this trip.  Michael, the Host of the new TV show NEW MEXICO TRUE TV was shooting a segment and we met up in the lobby and discussed LIFE! And while "TRYING" to relax in the Lobby Lounge.....I got caught by the PUParazzi!  Look at those phones snapping pics of me!  Ahhhh....the life of a celebrity dog!  It's RUFF for sure!   Next on the list of favorites here......the outdoors setting. The Lodge at Sierra Blanca has a large grassy campus that is great for pets to roam around in.....and the lodge borders the Links Golf Course.

One of our favorite pet-friendly amenities is the fenced off-leash dog park directly behind the lodge. So Jack....and all the other Fidos, both visiting and local, can stretch their running and play legs in the comfort of either a Large Dog park or small dog park, both right there within walking distance from your room at the Lodge. LUV this feature. Thanks to both the town of Ruidoso and the Lodge for welcoming traveling dogs with this great add-on feature.
But now it's time for some adventure trekking!  I heard through the dog-vine that there was LOTS of fun things to do at Grindstone Park....so off we headed to check it out!  And find action we did!
DISC GOLF!  That's right...I met up with some of the local guys and they gave me some top-dog tips on how to throw a disc and play the course.  THANKS guys!  You're the best!
This is the basket that you try to get the disc in.....BTW a disc is a special type of frisbee, for those of you not in the dog-know!  WHAT? You expect ME....a dog to throw a disc?  Heck no!  I'll leave that fun to the humans.....I'm gonna explore the park....and have a dog's day in paradise!  Now THIS is what I call FUN!
And that's not ALL there is to do here either!  There is a geo-caching site right at the park.  Here I am with Mr. Steve.....we are searching for that special. treasure box....and we found it!  Yup-Pup.  This is FUN for everyone....people and pups.  This is a great little side trip while in Ruidoso.  A trip to the park.....now that's what I'm barkin' about!  And of course we ended our day at the park  with a  PICNIC  of dog-course!    And with friends made along the way...even this cute little wooden carved bear!  Seems that  Ruidoso is known for its chain saw carved bears.....they come in ALL sizes and shapes.  Ain't he a cutie!?!

Yep,I love my trips to Ruidoso and the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.  There so much to see and do....for everyone, whether you're a PuP or a People!  They get my prestigious 5-PAWS rating! For more info on the Lodge or Ruidoso check out these links.

If you are ready to get outta the heat....and into the cool  mountains.....I dog-recommend RUIDOSO! There you have it...my latest travel report.  But never fear...there's more to come so keep tracking behind this travvelin' dawg....I'll keep you informed!



  1. Did you know many potential tourists are threatening to boycott not only Roswell, but all of NM, because of Roswell mayor's actions re animal control?

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