Sunday, June 29, 2014

101 Things to Do In Silver City! all know this Travelin' Dog loves a Challenge.  And when I heard through the (very reputable) bark-vine that Silver City was talkin' up a storm about ALL the things you can do "101 Things To Do In Silver City" I thought it was high time to put it to the Travelin' Jack test!  

So when I heard Jill say "Let's Hit The Road Jack".....I was ready to go!

We headed to Silver City.....a 5 hour ride, and enroute we ran into a summer storm.......

we drove through the clouds and the rain and back into the sunshine....
 where a rainbow welcomed us on the other side of the storn.  I'm guessing that means the pot at the end of the rainbow will be filled with SILVER, right?  (HA!  Another one of my fantastically hilarious bulldog jokes....get it?  Pot-o-gold/silver....Silver City!  I am just so DOGGONE clever)
But I doggress....back to the story...and to Silver City.

 Just as dusk settled in, we pulled into our home-away-from-home, the pet-friendly Bear Mountain Lodge! Now you tell that not an amazing sight to behold after a long ride?  Can't wait to check it out in Travelin' Jack style....but right now, think I'll just settle in for a comfy night of rest. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ........................................

  AH....morning time at Bear Mountain Lodge!  Now is this grand or what? can bark that again!  But I'm gonna stop right here on my little porch and enjoy a cup o' joe!  Know what would go really really good with that? guessed it. Dog biscuit treats JUST for me. dog doubt about it....this is ONE pet friendly Lodge!  Thanks BEAR MOUNTAIN LODGE!  This is the PAWfect way to start the day.  But they don't just cater to the dogs....they take care of the people guests in a doggone grand way too.
 We met up over breakfast on their veranda (where I can go too!), with Mr. George of the Silver City Arts & Cultural District....our man-about-town to see if in fact there are 101 THINGS TO DO IN SILVER CITY!  Wer'e puttin' Mr. George to the Travelin' Jack test!  So here we go.  I've got this dandy card

and I've been highligting the things I want to check out!  So we've got a rockin' head start with #s 24 Eat New Mexican food.  That tasty breakfast had green chile scrambled eggs.....double green yum! 
And #45 Stay at a lodge or B&B. We're doing both at Bear Mountain Lodge.

But now it's time to check out Silver City...and see how many more we can discover along the way!  Ready?  Let's go!

 #30  Buy Fresh at the Farmers' Market!   A dog-friendly open air Farmers' THAT is pretty doggone cool!  I see other dogs here too, cruisin' the market.  And there's live music.......
Tasty fresh produce.....hand made baskets and wares.....

 and I even got to visit with lots of friendly Silver City folks!   Oh and that would be #20 Chat with a local! A great little market and dog-dandy way to start the day...but let's #16 Stroll historic old town. and # 17 Go Gallery Hopping.  Now THIS is what I call a well marked Art Tour.....and I'm not even the one doin' the marking (if you get my drift! HA! )  Think I'll stroll down this road to see if there are any Pet Friendly Art Galleries!And that would be YES!  We dog-scovered "Space-A studio Art Gallery"...and they welcomed me, Travelin' Jack right in!  LOTS of cool stuff......much of it is repurposed articles.  (although I would call it Re-PUPosed!  Lots of cool stuff to choose from...somethin' here for everyone!
I like this one.  Can you wrap it up for me please?  With a slurpy kiss on top? it!  And I think that takes care of #60 SHOP and  we can add # 47  Buy Art. 

And let me just bark this.  There's LOTS of art and cool galleries in Silver City......and some of them give you major Vibrations like Vibrations Gallery, which has some art, some music and some framing....BUT the very bestest thing at Vibrations is the new friends I made there 
                                                like Miss Rebecca (hint to all you traveling dogs--she gives dog treats)....but even better is little Teddy...see him behind me.  He is the BEST Dog-Host!  He shared his Mom and his treats with me.  WOOF! to you Teddy.....keep up that Facebooking too!  I LUV that you are a fellow dog-FaceBooker!  We'll meet up again I dog-guraantee!

But you know...those biscuits can make a pooch thirsty....and the shopping along the historic downtown, so when I got invited into the local YARN shop for a cold drink of water.....I didn't pass it up!     Instead, I dipped right into that bucket amidst the color and the yarn and all these sheepy things in this shop....and you'll never believe the name of the store either.  It's YADA YADA name for a cool place and a cool drink of water.  The owner is TOP PAW in my dog-pinion!  You gotta check this place out.

But now that my thirst is quenched.......I'm continuing my quest for that bad boy that is spose'd to be hidin' around these here parts.....he goes by the name "THE KID" least that's what all the history books say!  So we're heading through downtown....and what do I see but another shop I just GOTTA check out.    
   It's the THREE DOG COFFEE HOUSE! And that would bring me to #32.....Linger at a coffee I did just that!  And wouldn't ya know it....even THEY had a bowl of water waiting for me (and for other pooches too).  This is DOG-DEFINITELY a pet-friendly little town!  I'm LUVin' my visit to Silver City.  But gotta keep search of that "KID" named Billy!  And as we meandered through Silver City, we turn a corner and WHOA!  What is this?

 One colorful wall mural...and there we have another one on the list...#5 Enjoy over 40 murals.  Well I found one anyway! 

And as I am hiking through Silver City #22 HIKE LIKE CRAZY........I take a bit of a break to #99 Slow Down.  Maybe I should #8 Pan for Gold. This is a grrrrreat spot to slow down....or maybe I can catch a bird in these trees.  There's one!  Oh and that's #18 Spot 339 species of birds.  One down....338 to go!  Back on the trail, I also happened to spy a sign that let's me know that I am near.......   
 the DOG PARK!  And that would be #12 Go to the Dog Park! Thanks Silver City for having a dog park dedicated for all us pooches....locals and visitors! I'm on a roll now....we're really hitting a lot of the great things to do on the 101 Things to Do in Silver City! Wonder what else I can find?    How about the beginning of the Continental Divide Trail!  Now THAT is one grand discovery if I do bark so myself!  And that would be #4 Hike the Continental Divide.  WoW!  Am I good or what?  They don't call me Travelin' Jack for nuttin.,.ya know!   But guess where this sign is located?  #46  Relax at the Big Ditch....which is right by # 101.  I'm still looking for the kid...maybe here at #101 I can Get the Details at the Silver City Visitor Center. I'll just step inside here to get the insider's scoop.  The good folks there know ALL the facts about Silver City......and just as I enter the air conditioned AND pet-friendly visitor center........WOAH!
 THERE HE IS!  The Kid himself!  I found him!  And I've got him tied up on the end of my leash...he ain't gettin' away---this bad boy of the Old West! My job is done here...but I did hear that the Kid's Cabin # 91 Check out "Billy's" Cabin is around here somewhere close....I'm on the search again......

 And here it is!  Think I'll put on my sheriff outfit....just in case I see some wild west action out here by that kid's cabin!
And just in case yer thinkin' about followin' in the footsteps of that famous BAD BOY....I'd recommend NOT! You'll have to deal with the NEW Sheriff in town, ya hear?

OK.......time's a-flittin'...and my tummy's a-growlin' so I'm gonna kill this outfit and look for a cool place to take a break....or #61 PICNIC at Little Walnut. 

 This is a great #100 Slow Down Some more....and maybe even #90 Witness Wildlife.  Gotta be some animals around here somewhere....and I'm feelin' more and more like I'm a......  
#27 ROCKHOUND!  But leave me alone.....I'm on the search for #21 Find Fossils!

Wheweeeeee....this has been one busy day!  I'm whooped for sure!  It's time to head back to my very fine home-away-from-home, Bear Mountain Lodge  #19 where I can Enjoy wonderful hotels......

Here we are BACK at the stately and LUV-a-lee Bear Mountain Lodge!
I'm callin' it quits for now.  I've found most all the 101 Things to Do In Silver City!  But not I'll be back very soon with MORE adventures down Silver City way! In the meantime.....tune in to 2KASAStyle - TV on Wednesday.  I'll be tellin' you even more about just how pet-friendly (AND PEOPLE FRIENDLY TOO) Silver City is!  They love visitors!  For now....I'm out!


 For more info on Silver City
For info on Bear Mountain Lodge


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