Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tiptoe Thru the Lavender Fields Today!

AAAAHHHH.....smell that sweet lavender fragrance wafting through the air? I DO!  Because it is Lavender Season here in New Mexico.  So I'm off to explore the lavender fields of my dreams. And perhaps I'll paw a verse about it too!  From a pup's perspective of course!


By Travelin’ Jack, New Mexico’s Pet Laureate

Today I spied a Lavender Field

Along the Rio Grande

I thought to myself “must check this out”

To see if it’s really so grand!

I wandered amidst the Lavender bushes

So tall, so stately, so Purple.

I sniffed and tasted and pawed a bit

Why I even made up some Lavender wishes!

This lovely Lavender so tender to touch

A pup can hardly resist

I’ve sniffed a dog-zillion Lavender sniffs

Now I’m sprinkled in Lavender dust.

Some folks eat it, some folks smell it,

Some folks plant it and watch it grow.

But from a pup’s perspective the Lavender bush is created

To ponder life as it does merrily go!

(This verse was created for Lavender Fest, 2013)  Photos by the magnificent photographer Daryl Custer.

A couple of tips for the Lavender Lusting Wanderer.

There are many fields around the state where lavender is grown and open for public visits.  Many allow the dog too!  Make sure and call ahead to verify if Fido is welcome in the lavender fields.

Travelin' Jack's Pet Tip of the Week.  When you travel in the hot summer weather always make sure to take plenty of water for a thirsty pup.  We carry a gallon of water and a bowl in our car all the time.  That way we don't worry about whether there is water available at our stopping points.

You are welcome!  And have a LAVENDER kinda week!





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