Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Lodge at Sierra Blanca in the Pet Travel Expert Himself!

Let's STEP IT UP and talk about one of my all-time FAVORITE getaways---The Lodge at Sierra Blanca resort in Ruidoso!  So for starters, let's check out our TV segment on the subject.  

But just to make sure you got ALL 10 REASONS TO VISIT THE LODGE AT SIERRA BLANCA......Here is the actual countdown!
Top 10 Countdown.....REASON #10
A lovely resort in a beautiful setting.  AND........

It's PET-FRIENDLY!  Check this out!  They have a special Treat for their pet guests.  Now THAT's what I-Travelin' Jack like! 
 And the place is lovely inside and out!  "PAW-SOME DECOR! YES, JUST PAWSOME-AWESOME!"  Inside and out it is pure luxury.  Check out this view from the 2nd floor. 
 And of course their suites are roomy, comfortable and very nicely decorated.  "ONE SWEET SUITE! ONLY THE BEST FOR ME!"
 Plus their public areas are fun, friendly, and relaxing.  Like this Lounge Pub.  "FOOTBALL AND A COLD BEER IN THE LOBBY LOUNGE...NOW THAT'S WHAT I-TRAVELIN' JACK AM BARKING ABOUT!" 
 Why it's just a grrrrrreat place to relax and check out all the good things.  "I HEARD THROUGH THE BARK-VINE THERE ARE SOME SPECIAL OFFERS RIGHT NOW!"  and sure enough it is TRUE!  This brochure shares the deal...and here is a link for YOU to check out the special End-of- Summer Deals at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.

"HOW 'BOUT A FIRESIDE SUNSET CHAT ON THE VERANDA?" Every evening they light a fire in the patio firepit.  A great way to wind down the day...with views of the  mountains to enjoy the cool summer evenings. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh NICE!

Now this is what I'm barkin' about..."A GRRRRRRRRREAT WAY TO START THE DAY!"
Complimentary hot buffet breakfast is included in your room rate! Which makes for an even greater bargain.  AND you can enjoy your breakfast inside in the dining area or outside on the patio!  I dog-personally will take my tasty chow on the patio where the sun shines down on me! 

And there's some great shopping right at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.  They have all those must-have travel items that you forgot...or maybe some gorgeous New Mexico jewelry...or why, what about some Lodge logo merchandise.  "HEY...LOOK AT THIS.  I FOUND A COFFEE MUG AND CAP THAT MATCHES MY OUTFIT! MINE!"   

There are lots of activities right at the Lodge!  Like the Links Golf Course right next door...or my pawsonal favorite---an Off-Leash Dog Park directly behind the Lodge!  Now that's what I am barking about!  "WOOF! HEY...PSSST....YOU---BIG DOG OVER THERE----ARE YOU VISITING THE LODGE AT SIERRA BLANCA TOO?"   

"CUZ I SAID SO!"  And after all...I AM the Pet Travel Expert!  And the Lodge at Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso gets my prestigious 5-PAW RANKING!  For many more reasons than these Top Ten Reasons.  So do yourself a favor....TAKE A BREAK....and head over to the pawfect idea of a way to wind down the summer! 


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