Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cuddle Champions...Travelin ' Jack and Oscar!

Well, you all know that I recently adopted Oscar. 

 He's my new feline brother...and I just love him.  Seems that the word's out...and because he is a special needs kitty, he is getting some attention too! 

We just got selected as the Cuddle Champions of the week by and here's why.....

First  Oscar decided he wanted to visit me....and then

PetsideWEEKLY CUDDLE CHAMPIONS: Travelin' Jack and Oscar

by Petside Team


Added by Jill Lane

Travelin' Jack and his newly adopted feline brother, Oscar. Jack was at the Albuquerque City Shelter to donate his book and Travelin' Jack Gift pack to the Mayor's Dog Ball...when we encountered Oscar. We found out that Oscar was on the Euthanasia list because he had been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia and couldn't be with other cats. Since this is not contagious to dogs, Travelin' Jack adopted him!

Pets with special needs have a tough time finding a home so when we heard that Oscar who was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia found a great family to love him we couldn't help but name the happy siblings this week's Cuddle Champions!

Congratulations Oscar and Travelin' Jack! To read about their adventures, visit Travelin' Jack's dog-blog

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Way to go...little brother! I'm proud of you catchin' some attention!  You're the best kitty in the world!

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