Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slip....sliding away at Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort. What's Travelin' Jack doing now?

It's ALMOST that time again!
"What time,  you ask?" 
It's ALMOST St. Patty's Day
and in MY book....Travelin' Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter (of course!) that means the return of one of my DOGGONed-EST favorite events! 
And places.

 It's time for the Annual Cardboard Derby Race at Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort!
and time for some major league slip-slidin'-away down the mountain!
Now you might recall that back in 2012 I PAWticipated in the Derby Run.  Yup-Pup you read that right!
I-Travelin' Jack was the 1st Dog Ever to take a run in the Derby fun!
Here's a snapshot from the past...when Jill and I were ready to take to the hill. 

There were LOTS of folks there...both Derby participants and lookers-on!
And before I knew it....we were at the top of the run...ready to ride! AW-OH!  WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MY DOGGONE DOG-SELF IN THIS TIME!

H-e-e-e-l-l-l-P!  We're really doing this?  OMD.....Please  let us make it down alive! 

And before I could blink another dog-blink....or bark another doggy prayer.....
WE MADE IT!  Hey...that wasn't so bad.....why I'm thinkin' it was mighty fun!  
But here's my dog-words of advice.  
Leave the Sledding to the 2-footed People.....
Dogs should be smart and just sit on the sideline watching the action.
If you are Travelin' get invited back to be a
So LAST year-2013, Jill and I returned for our dogly-and peoply duties as judges. 
I take my Job VERY seriously.  Nothin' but the Best from this Dawg!

 So Jill and I took our posts on the sideline....Dogs-Eye view of the sledders
NOTE......make sure you note who is in the Judge's Chair....and who is standing.....tee-hee! (I played the ol' line of "This snow is cold on my feet"   (works every time!)
But I dogress....back to the subject at paw.
And the contestants started rolling....or sliding....or turning...or ALL those things as they came down the hill!
First one out the shoot!
Why...I'll be doggone if that isn't Angry Bird!  Now THAT is one cool sled...or as we Derby Experts say....VESSEL!
Next one down the I LIKE this one...POT O' GOLD!  Since the race is always right around St. Patty's Day...yer sure to see some green!  (HINT....notice I-Too am decked out in my green to celebrate the Irish day name changes to Jack O'Lane that day! 
But here comes another one!  The Big Rig!  Now That There Cardboard vessel gets MY VOTE for the best vessel of the day! Would'ja take a look at that? DogMazing! It's all cardboard, paint and tape! Good Job!  Now Hit The Road Big Rig...or snow in this case!
Here comes another vessel.....any body expecting a UPS delivery?  It's here!  HA!
And look at this cute little doll house sliding down the snow! PRETTY!

And they continued to come down that hill...all shapes, sizes, colors, designs. 
HOW- o-HOW is a dog-Judge sposed to PICK?  They are ALL winners in my dog-book! 
 BUT...WHOA there! What is THIS monster doing on the slopes? Are we getting attacked by God-zilla?'s just another gigantic Cardboard Vessel!  Now THAT gets a special prize in my book for "MOST REALISTIC AND SCARY CARDBOARD DERBY VESSEL!   
And before you know it....
The 2013 Race is finished!  With LOTS of winners! And a WHOLE LOT O DOGGONE FUN was had by all! Including this Dog-Judge! 
 But the fun isn't over yet! No-sirree-doggee!  I get to make some new friends too.  Check out these two guys on skis I met up with at Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort.  They understand that it's time to celebrate St. Patty's Day...and what better place than on the ski slopes at Sipapu!
Why...I even ran into one of those crazy noise-maker dudes called BAGPIPER.  Wearing that funny skirt! You wouldn't catch THIS dog in a skirt....well maybe.  He seems to be okay, so who knows. I-Travelin ' Jack might appear somewhere someday in one of those cute outfits!  HA!  

 But HEY....all work and no play for this dog?  I DON'T think so!  Why...I think I'll join this party on the deck...and maybe chow down on a char-grilled Burger....or two...or three!  Did you save one for me?  Come on...hand it over pretty-dog-please!  THANK YOU!  

 So that's a look at the past 2 Cardboard Derby Races from this dog's point of view.  But that's not all she the sayin' goes.  I'm getting ready to hit the road to Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort again here in 2014!  And it is coming up MARCH 15th! make sure everyone knows about it....I stopped by my FAVORITE television station KASA TV..and aired another doggone grrrrreat TV segment with my buddy of 2 KASA Style TV. Along with Face of Fox Brittany!  And HERE's what we had to say about the upcoming fun. CLICK the link to see it.

 And there you have it!  ALL the details for YOUR next Getaway!  To Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort! 
And a BIG slurpy kiss to you too Chad for sharing your TV show with me...the one...the only..the dognanimous        TRAVELIN' JACK.

Meet you up at Sipapu...March 15th!  Now get your carboard derby made...doggone it!



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