Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trip Advisor Report-“Travel-Writer Dog....Travelin' Jack RANKS Bishop's Lodge...5 PAWS”

This is our 2nd trip back to the Bishop's Lodge Resort in Santa Fe..... ya know it's important to make sure that our first trip where it received MY "5 Paws" ranking was NOT a fluke. So back we went again for a little winter wonderland getaway. And YAH those VIP treats were awaitin' again...chocolate dipped gi-gorgeous strawberries for Jill (seems they even dip em in Godiva chocolate)....she wouldn't let me have even a single one...somethin' about chocolate's not good for dogs....but YAH there were those dog-scrumptious gourmet doggie biscuits awaitin' for me!
Had to check out the pool area.....for a bit o' loungin'....did you know that they actually ALLOW dogs in the pool area.....on a leash and so's long as they are good....which OF COURSE, Travelin' Jack fits that category paws down!
Took a nice little hike up to check out the historic Lamy Chapel. You can too! And you can explore all 350 acres of the Lodge property as you have energy for...but not me...not today...think I'll get back to my room for some R&R.
Now how's this for one comfy room...and big too! Wow, we hit the jackpot on sleepin' accommodations here.
why even a cozy fire for a pooch to roast his paws by! Now THIS is the life, if I do say so myself...doggone it! Yep, they STILL get my "5 PAWS" rating! I highly Dog-Recommend it for YOU and YOUR POOCH....Did you know that they even have a very reasonable pet stay fee...only $20? Now that is dog-generous in my books!

And at the end of our stay, I even filled out a TripAdvisor's what this travelin' pooch had to say about Bishop's Lodge........

Bishop's Lodge Resort & Spa

Travelin' Jack is New Mexico's pre-eminent Pet Travel specialist, touring around the state, checking out pet-friendly destinations fit for a Pooch...and their persons!

This is Travelin' Jack's 2nd stay at Bishop's Lodge...and once receives Travelin' Jack's prestigious 5 PAWS rating! (the best in Jack's view).


1)Comfy rooms with lots of room for dogs to stretch...and a patio door right out the back about convenience!
2) Warm welcome by the Front Desk Staff....and ALL the staff! Why they even call him by name!
3) Lots of FAB hiking trails over the 350 acres of grounds and forest. Talk about a dog's dream come true!
4) Great food from the restaurant. How does he know that? Well, his people partner brought him a tasty tidbit of buffalo! YUM!
5) Reasonable Pet Fees. This is important when you are traveling alot with your pet. Some fees can add up quickly. Bishop's Lodge is VERY reasonable.

So...all these reasons add up to a 5 PAWS rating. But don't take Travelin' Jack's words for gospel...check it out yourself...WITH or WITHOUT your's a winner and a New Mexico showcase.

  • My ratings for this hotel
    • 5 of 5 stars Value 5 Paws
    • 5 of 5 stars Rooms 5 Paws
    • 5 of 5 stars Location 5 Paws
    • 5 of 5 stars Cleanliness 5 Paws
    • 5 of 5 stars Service 5 1/2 Paws
    • 5 of 5 stars Sleep Quality 5 Paws
  • Date of stay January 2011
  • Visit was for Business
  • Traveled with Jill OF COURSE!


  1. Looks great! Maybe it's time for a trip!

  2. Wish this place was closer to where I live!! Sounds wonderful.

  3. Well maybe ladies it's just time to come on over to New Mexico....after all, it's not called the "Land of Enchantment" for nothin'.

    When you come....let me know. I'll track ya' down!