Monday, June 13, 2011

WoW....I'm in Green Chile Cheeseburger Heaven!

OKay's dinner time and this here pooch is ready for some tasty where better to start than New Mexico's favorite treat...the Green Chile Cheeseburger! 

I know, you are thinkin' this is not dog fare...but after all I AM New Mexico's dog-reporter and that does include dining reviews too!  So, since the New Mexico Tourism Department JUST named the 2011 Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail winners....thought I'd do some sniffin' around!  And wouldn'tcha know it...CHAMA even has a winner!  The Elkhorn Cafe was NAMED on the New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail....

....and here's the 2nd part of this WoW review.  The Elkhorn Cafe has this nifty VOILA!  Another Pet-io dining spot for this roving bulldog (and other dogs too!)  So off we went to check out the Elkhorn Cafe's Green Chile Chesseburger.....and did I say WoW!?!

Well let me change that to Dog-Double WoW!  and a real heapin' supply of YUMs too! Now this looks just too yummy to sit and look  please excuse me as I chow down!

The Elkhorn Cafe in Chama.....  NOW that's what I call a dog-tasteful decision by the judges! 


  1. Woulds u mind sharin'one of dem tasty green chile burgers with a bif ole' bloodhound? My momma makes dem n I loves green chile!!

  2. What a cute dog.I am eager to taste those burgers.


  3. Annie...I would be doggone proud to share one of New Mexico's fab green chile cheeseburgers with you....BUT I ALREADY ATE IT! PS IT was YUMMY!