Thursday, October 11, 2012

Albuquerque is FULL of Hot Air...And I'm not Talkin' About ME!

I was out at DAWN in my back yard in Albuqerque earlier thisweek...doin' my dog business and all... when I heard this strange WHOOSH noise.....What was that? I said to my Jack-self.... And then it DAWNED on me (ha-that was one of my famous bulldog jokes...get it  'I was out at DAWN and it DAWNED on me!)  I'm just too doggone hilarious!...anyway...back to the story. 
It DAWNED on me...... 
It's Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque!  YAH!  That means LOTS of hot air (and not mine...mind you!) with those colorful orbs floating through the sky! 
Hundreds of balloons of all shapes and sizes and colors...and some floating right over my head!


Here's another one......I think it's LANDING in the field next to MY house!  YAH!

Yup-Pup...she's they're lettin' out the hot air and DEFLATING her (see how smart I am about this ballooning business?)  Ya gotta love a hot air balloon if ya live in Albuquerque...It's the LAW ya know!
So, I said to Jill.....Pack up our stuff...we're going to the Balloon Museum! 
                                                       And OFF we went. 
Now there are LOTS of reasons why I dog-personally recommend the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum!
1)  It is a REALLY cool Museum (my favorite!)
2) You can see the balloons go right over your head there during Balloon Fiesta.
3) They have a Pet-Friendly Lawn where you can bring your  pets to the area (dogs are NOT allowed on the Balloon Fiesta field).
4) It's a really fabulous museum PLUS they host lots of pet and people events there....LIKE
5) The 2nd Annual FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY! (Hint...this is MY event with LOTS of fun things planned for both pets and their peeps too! 
But enough's time to get to work!   Before I get settled into my space, I just MUST make friends with the Security Guards.......yup.... I like those strong handsome types lookin' out after me and my friends! Hey take a look at those Balloons wouldja?  They're EVERYWHERE!!!!! I am...ready for those people to visit me so that I can tell them about my furry friends at the Animal Shelter...gotta raise some bucks for bones for my cousins ya know!  WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE? we go..this is more like it!  Picture time with my new  BFF! 
Break time...when you are at Balloon gotta make sure to  check out the skies regularly....there's just too much action not to keep an eye out for those bee-u-ti-ful balloons!  But WAIT.....WHAT is THAT over there!?!
 Krispy Kreme Donuts!?  Now THAT is callin my name out LOUD!  Gotta go check it out.  See this is ANOTHER reason why I LUV the Balloon Museum!  You just never know what 'SWEET' things you're gonna find there. Hmmm...a spinning wheel with prizes.....and of COURSE donuts! 
                                                                 Hey....where's MY donut?
WHAT????? You think I need to work here? 
You gotta be KIDDIN' me!  Why I for doggone sure would eat ALL the profits!  Nope...this dog may look good in a Krispy Kreme hat..but I'll go back to my regular job, thank you very much!
Like watchin' MORE balloons up in the sky...why there are even SPECIAL SHAPE balloons here at this gi-normous Balloon Fiesta...I think that is a flyin' chicken!?! Whoo-EE doggies! 
And of course I gotta get back to my job as New Mexico's Ambassa-dog and welcome ALL these fine folks to our beautiful state! 
Yup, I take this job dog-serious! 

But while I was awhilin' away the time schmoozin with all the fine visitors....I heard someone call out my name....Travelin' Jack.  I looked over my shoulder and who do I see, but my GOOD buddies......Kenny H from KASA Fox2 TV with Jen Taylor, who runs the Balloon Foundation (AND this is doggone important....Mom to my poodle buddy ZIA). 
Kenny was gettin' the camera set up for a Live TV segment...and what were they going to talk about...but none other than the PET ACTIVITIES at the Balloon Museum!  Now isn't THAT just the doggone dandiest subject ever for a live TV segment at Balloon Fiesta!  Need a dog for the spot?  You DO?  Well....I'm your man....let's get this camera rolling.  And just in case you are wondering what great TV show  this's none other than "New Mexico Style" dog-personal favorite of ALL TV shows ('cept maybe Animal Planet...but we won't say that out loud!)  

 ROLL Em....we're ON! 
Make sure to tell everyone about this fabulous festival.....LIKE A festival of all things flight including From "Greatest American Dog's" very own J.D. Platt's Canine Extravaganza with his K9 Kings Flying Dog Show as seen on the David Letterman Show, an Adoptathon with some VERY special pups looking for forever homes....we even have a special Tour Bus stopping in on the national "Get Your LICKS on Route 66"

and of course I"LL be there too!  If you come by and say HI to me...I'll give you my very own dog-personal 2012 Travelin' Jack Balloon Fiesta Trading Card!  It's really KOOL...if I do bark so myself!  But here's a word to the wise....hang on to this special Trading a couple years it will be worth a LOT of Bones! 

See you at the Balloon Museum!


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