Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"ALL I want for Christmas is at PetSmart"

  It's 6 short days till Christmas and I am  Ready for Santa Paws......

 Why I've been awaitin' by the fireplace expectin' him to drop in any time...
when what to my wonderin' brain did appear...but a thought! 

AW-OH....I gotta go shoppin' for MY presents to give out to my doggie and kitty buds.  After's NOT all about me!  (hmmmmmm not sure about that, but I am now in the howl-iday spirit so its time to shop).....So I'm headin' to PetSmart...
PetSmart - Pet supplies and pet products for healthier, happier pets.....where I'm sure to find JUST the right gifts there for everyone on my list!  Walked in the door and who do I spy but...........Xavier

....MY pawsonal shopper at PetSmart. He's really the Products Manager, but I think there is a bit  o' Santa's Elf in him too cuz he sure is a good helper when it comes to shopping for a pet.  Guess that's just true of ALL the PetSmart Associates...but I have a dog-personal soft spot for Xavier at MY favorite PetSmart in Albuquerque!  He's one cool dude.

                                     But back to the subject at paw.  I NEED PRESENTS!

Like stockings FILLED with toys!  He took me right over to the toy stocking display.  
YEP...that's a good one Xavier.  I'll take one of those pink stockings for my kitty sisters...and give me that blue and green one for my dog sister Roxie.  
Next stop...TOYS...and MY dog-personal FAVORITE "Pets Rock" line.....luv ya Bret Michaels!.......I'm sure to find some doggone good gifts here.  Why there's toys and clothes, and holiday collars and stockings...and beds.....hmmmm I could bark all day about all the great "Pets Rock" products. They just ROCK and they are dog-sclusively at PetSmart!    

OKAY...found a toy for Fido....a stocking for Trixie....a dress for Fifi....

                                        HEY I want that tug-o-war Bret toy for ME!!!!!!

WoW! Xavier....what's this here? ANOTHER dog-FABulous "Pets Rock" toy!?!  It's the Bret Michael's Luv-A-Pet CHANCE dawg!  Now that is one rockin' cool plush dog!
AND you tell me it's for dogs OR kids? 
AND you say it also helps out PetSmart Charities?  10% of the sale of this item goes to help out needy dogs and kitties?
Now THAT is one doggone grand idea!  Wish I'd thoughtta it myself!  Why I'll just get a whole boxload of these babies....for ALL the kids on my list....They're gonna LUV me for sure when they get a hold of this cuddly cute Luv-A-Pet.  (double LUV there...get it?  One of my famous bulldog jokes...BOL!!!!)

NEXT outfits for the fashion conscious dog! Check this out Xavier!  That's MY sweater there!  Pretty dapper lookin' guy aren't I, in my green/red argyle holiday sweater.  BUT don't dogspair...if argyle is not your style...there are Santa outfits, holiday dresses,  cute T-shirts, hats...collars.....puplenty to choose from fer sure!  AND they are ALL discounted now till Christmas. Now that is a DOUBLE DOG DEAL if I ever did sniff one out!  Whoo-EE.  Better hurry over to PetSmart before they are all sold out, right Xavier?  RIGHT!  

Ya know, this shopping is really hard work for a pup...why it's makin' me HUNGRY!  (imagine that!) 

Xavier...STOP right here!  Hold it the Royal Canin  Food!  That's MY #1 dog food!  LUV it...and they make this brand just for bulldogs too!  (In case YOU don't have a bulldog, they also have LOTS of other breed specific foods too...made specially for them...even kitties get custom Kitty Royal Canin.)  It's TOP DOG in my dog-pinion!

OKAY gotta take a breather here and check my list.  Yup by doggie got 'em all I think.....Oh WAIT a doggone minute there!  Check out that LAST name on the list....ME!!!!!!!  Why I've been such a good little pup that I gotta get ME a gift too!  And I think I saw JUST the PAWfect gift to keep me warm on a cold winter's night...... Yuppup....there it is!  My very own Bulldog Ultrasoft MicroPlush and Sherpa Blanket....JUST GOTTA HAVE IT!  No dog in his (or her) right mind should be without one of these snugglies...and they have different breeds available too!  Check it out! 

OKAY...think I'm finally done....checked off my whole list and found just the pawfect gift for ALL my 4-footed friends....but HEY no worries....I left a few things in the store, so you can still go shopping too!!!  Pretty thoughtful of me, wouldn't you dogree?

Yep, it IS true....when it comes to holiday pet shopping...."ALL I Want for Christmas is at PetSmart!" 


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