Thursday, December 13, 2012

TRIPLE TTT......Travelin' Jack, Toys for Tots

Yep, it is true.  Travelin' Jack LUVS kids.  Big kids, little kids, happy kids, silly of ALL shapes and sizes.

So while I usually like to talk about dogs and cats....and ME of course!.......this is the time of year
when I get a little sad-sacky when I think about the little kids who won't get a nice gift this holiday.

But....YAH!  Our good friends at the Marines...make sure that those little kids tears turn to SMILES when they get a bee-u-tiful toy for Christmas!  THANKS to the annual Marine Corps Christmas toy drive.....TOYS FOR TOTS!
Now this is one cool project. Last year I met up with Major Cillessen and donated an OsoBear Gift Pak.

...but that just wasn't enough for this dog....SO....I talked Jill into donating a BUNCH of her kids books to TOYS FOR TOTS this year.

So we headed out to meet up with Sgt. Rodriguez from the New Mexico Marines at the Balloon Museum's annual Festival of Flight.
 Here I am posing with my new hero.  First we had to plan the big presentation AND get our hugs in before we went before the big crowd.
 Then we made the dog-ficial donation of all those books for kids!  How many you ask? Well how does 750 Books and 750 Kids Passports to New Mexico sound?  Pretty doggone good if ya ask this pup.  So that is JUST what we did....
  They say they think this is THE BIGGEST donation EVER by a dog!....and I'll bet my tastiest bone that is true! Yup....I LUV helpin' out...specially when there are sweet little kids involved!


We got some special help with the donation too.  Miss Laurie  (on the right) from the Balloon Museum was there to help present the books to Sgt. Rodriguez...and check THIS out!....I even talked one of Santa's team.....a little green Elf (?) into helpin' out!  Now that is what I call a team, eh? 
Job done....I'll leave the rest to the Marines!  Thanks Sgt. Rodriguez and thanks to ALL our brave service men and women for being so doggone important to so many Americans...both big and little!

The next day I was on my favorite TV show....."New Mexico Style"

                 I am with THE team, Weather Gal Kristin, Jill, my girlfriend---Nikki --the--Hostess with the Mostest-and the new Face of Fox, Michael.  I'm all decked out in my holiday sweater.....pretty dapper lookin' don't you dogree?

Oh.....but I dogress....back to Toys for Tots.  Nikki was talkin' about how important it is to donate to the cause (and I of dog-course AGREE).   She was talkin' about this being the last week to donate to Toys for Tots..... I dog-whispered to Jill....."we donated a bunch of books to the cause, but I know just the pawfect gift for kids to snuggle up with this Christmas....CHANCE, the PetSmart collectible pup." 
And she, (of course!) agreed with me! So off we trotted to the closest PetSmart, bought up as many plush pups as I could carry in my mouth (JUST KIDDING! I made Jill carry them)...

  ...and we drove over to the local Toys For Tots collection site in Albuquerque.  There I met up with the #1 Marine.....Major Brian Cillessen. Now let me tell you... He is da-bomb.....Top Dude...Big favorite name it...that would be him!

And I said "Here Major's MY dog-donation!  Hope you find some cute kids to give these fluffy Chance pups too....from li'l ol' me, Travelin' Jack!"
 And he said......"Of course....we will find a new home and children for these cute Pups....and Thanks to you-Travelin' Jack-for your donation!

So that's it....the end of this year's Toys For Tots story from Travelin' Jack...but there's MORE to come in the'll have to wait around a bit to see what this dog has up his paw now...not spilling the bones YET!

BUT if you would be SO inclined to help out RIGHT NOW...the Marines can still use Donations and Volunteers.  Believe you-me.....Toys for Tots is a doggone good cause!

OH---And tell 'em Travelin' Jack sent you!



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