Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Fe Style HOWLiday Fun!

It's HOWLiday Party Time!  And what better place to "pawse" for some cool holiday fun than in Santa Fe! 

So off we headed for a mini Santa Fe-Cation!  And what better place to vacation than at the luxurious Eldorado Hotel!

But FIRST work before play (sorta!)...cause I have to make a special appearance at a great holiday event in Santa Fe.  I know I make work look like just another fun day in the center of it all!  What can I say.....comes with the turf in MY world!  Here I am at the New Deal Holiday Bazaar where I met up with some mighty fine my new BFF gal Linda here! 

And my little friend....Aiga....ain't she just grand!  She's my best pick of the day! 

Gotta dog-mit though, this really wasn't work.  LUV meeting folks and pawdigraphing my book, "TRAVELIN' JACK'S STORY...FROM SHELTER TO STAR".  You know a portion of ALL my sales goes to support animal welfare....good guy that I am, even if I do bark so myself!  (HA! One of my bulldog word-games there!)

But now it's time to head back to the Eldorado Hotel for the evening's action!

And whoa-doggies! What's the first thing I get when I check in?  A special gift bag FULL o' treats and toys...just for li'l ol' me, Travelin' Jack!  (and here's a secret for all you dog travelers out there!)  This special gift is NOT just for me!  No sireee doggies!  ANY pet that stays at the Eldorado Hotel AND preregisters at booking is welcomed with their very own gift bag!  Pretty doggone snazzy if ya ask this pup!
 But now it's time to dog-zamine the room.....NICE....meets my paw of approval!  A little rest before the big party......
 and even a bit of the winter sun on the this is what I call a Room with a View....of downtown Santa Fe.  Too doggone cool!  Check out all those people strolling along   San Francisco Street.  Yup-Pup....the Eldorado is right in the heart of ALL the Santa Fe action. 

How-dog-ever, I must check out some of the razz ma tazz decor of the Eldorado Hotel this DEElicious looking Gingerbread House Display.....
Looks good enough to EAT if ya ask this dog!
And of dog-course I seem to match up just dandee with these bee-u-tiful holiday decorations.  HEY.....I'm NOT a decoration ya know!  I'm just posin' here for a puleese take that photo wouldja?  THANKS!
And check out this setting in the Eldorado Hotel Lounge.  Take a look at this artwork wouldja?  Pretty nice....

and comfy furniture too (Hey don't tell the Boss that I took a sneak sit-down on the leather chair!  NOPE-not me....musta been some other dog!  No fear.  This dog sits nice.....and leaves no clues behind...cept on my dog-blog post -woops!).

But speaking (WOOF-another bulldog joke!) it's time to catch the action at the Eldorado HOWLiday Party...planned SPECIALLY for pups and their people......take a look at this scene would'ja?  Looks like the word got out through the BARKVINE.  There were Lots of dogs....all shapes and sizes...decked out in their party attire...ready for a Pup-Party Extraordinaire! 
 And of course I'M not missing out on this opportunity...gotta make some new four-footed friends with these little guys....aren't they cuties?

And talk about Pup Action at this howliday jamboree.....Miss Christi and friends had the evening all pup-planned out with fun things galore....Like photos in a photo booth with your person.....a paw-print hand-made holiday ornament of your pup's own paw stamp...and a doggie style stocking.  NOW THAT ONE IS MINE puleeze!

 But HEY.......what party would be a party without food?  And the Eldorado took care of that very dog-portant duty in fine style (and tasty too!)

 Check out this tray of goodies.  But listen up here...these goodies are NOT for people...but us pups!  Yup...that would be a dog-fact.....therere are some mighty tasty looking treats there.
                                                       s that mine?  Pretty Pup-Please?

                                                 's mine!
Yep...this was one Dog-Dandy Holiday Shindig at the Eldorado Hotel!  And as you can see here..... a hotel that is doggone pet-friendly too!

Eldorado Hotel of Santa've got my prestigious 5-paws rating for BOTH your pup-party planning and your very elegant and pet-friendly hotel!  Thanks for your doggone grand hospitality.....

....I'll be back!



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