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2012 DOG-MOMENTS A Travelin' Pup's Year-in-Review

Travelin' Jack here......takin' a few moments out of my travel schedule to look back at 2012....and let me tell you it was one Dog-Dandy Year for this pup!  So many dog-memories for the ol' journal...don't hardly know where to start! 

Guess it would be good to start with JANUARY, eh? And here I am startin' the event circuit at the New Mexico Boat and RV Show...where I was the dog-celebrity.  Gotta take some time out to check out the goods, eh?  This boat seems Mighty Fine to me!

 Oh...but I can't forget...this was a banner year for New Mexico!  We celebrated our CENTENNIAL  as a U.S. state on January 12th.  I helped honk in the celebration at an Albuquerque Library with a special Centennial Storytelling!
 AND then I followed it up with a million mile scavenger hunt on a quest for 100 vintage photos on the New Mexico Tourism's GET THE PICTURE contest! (well maybe not a million miles...but we did travel LOTS of New Mexico territory over the course of the year!) Here I am at MY Photo #1...Sandia Tram in Albuquerque.  We ended up getting 97 of the 100 photos!  Whoo-doggies...that's leavin' some pawprints around the state, eh?
....the kissin' month if ya ask this dawg!  We got into the Valentine spirit at the Bob Gerding Outdoors Show in Albuquerque with the JACK'S SMACKS KISSING BOOTH! It was one slurpy fundraiser for animal welfare let me tell you!  Now this is MY idea of a SWEEEET way to earn bucks for the pups and kitties at the shelters.  We supported 3 charities that weekend! And  I'm ready to do it again! 
My runway debut also took place in February at the Bridal Expo at Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe.  Now you tell I know how to work a runway or what!?!?  I'm just made for this job!  FUN!
But back to work......  

                                                  MARCH my real job of travelin' and finding special pet friendly spots around New Mexico!  We combined this trip with some more photos for the 'Get The Picture' contest.  Here I am posin' for a photo at Salt Mission Ruins. Pretty doggone cool place to explore...YOU better check it out soon!

  Now THIS was one for the books for sure!  Jill and I participated in the St. Patty's Day Sipapu Ski Area Cardboard Derby Race!  Here we are in our 'dog-sled'......HA  get it!?  One of my greater pup-inspirations if ya ask me! We didn't win the derby but we DID make it down alive!  AND that is a WIN in my books!
It's Easter time on the TV set with my favorite host (and girlfriend) Nikki Stanzione.  Springtime activities for pups and people around the state on "New Mexico Style" TV show on KASA Fox 2 television!  LUV that Nikki!  She's my #1 TV dream gal (after Jill of dog-course!)

 And then it's on to help out the pups and kitties at the shelter again.  Love participating in New Mexico's largest adopt-a-thon FETCH-A-PALOOZA!  Here I am with the #1 gal, Barbara Bruin, Director of the Albuquerque Animal Shelter.  LOTS of deserving pups and cats were adopted out at this grand event! YAH!
.....and speaking of grand events.  There's no more important Tourism happenin' than the New Mexico Governor's Conference on Tourism....and of dog-course this pup would be there!  After all, I am New Mexico's ONLY award winning dog-travel-journalist!  
Here I am with my FAV tourism team....North Central Region Tourism Board and T.A.N.M. Executive Director, Sharon Schultz.  We WON another award!  Are we good or what?  (that's a rhetorical question...we all know that answer, don't we?)

 and then it's time for KIDS.  I LUV kids.....all shapes and sizes...they are all sweeties in my dog-book! Here I am doing a storytelling gig at the Children's Fair at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum in Albuquerque.  We had LOTS of fun AND we raised money for animal welfare and adopted some deserving pups to new families too!  Now THAT is what this dog calls a double-dog-doozie-dream-come-true event!
.....time to get ready for summer!  And the best way to kick it off is at the Tourism Mixer where all tourism professionals gathered at Buffalo Thunder Resort to share the scoop about the great places of New Mexico.  They said it was a Pool Party....don't know about you...but I'M ready!
 And then we took a nice long drive to Utah to attend the 2012 BlogPaws national pet conference for pet writers in-the-know...and of course, I wouldn't MISS it for the dog-world!   Here I am schmoozin' with my favorite pet store friend, Kelli at the PetSmart booth.  Even got in a little photo time with my rockin' cool dog-FAV rock star Bret Michaels.  I was invited to the Launch of his new "Pets Rock" product line at BlogPaws!  Now that is somethin' to BARK about....let me just say that! 
 AND.....I got in a really grand meet-up with my Barkin' Pen-Pal...and OEB cuzin, Gunny Monster at the conference!  He came ready to impress in his Marine dress duds....and let me tell you.... this was a double-dog barking event!  Almost looks like my twin bro, doesn't he? Not only did I get to visit with him...but those folks were snappin' pictures of us right and left.  Why we couldn't even get a moment to bark to ourselves...just posin' for the cameras and all! my adopted bro, Gunny.  He's my new dog-spiration of what I wanna be when I grow up.... a mascot for the Marines...just like him! You are one cool dog-dude Gunny!
Happy Birthday ME!  I turned 4 on the 4th of July.....that makes me a Yankee Doodle Doggie.  And who else should I celebrate my big day with than with Nikki on the set at "New Mexico Style".  We talked about pet safety on the 4th of July! Now are we one star-studded team or what? (that too is a rhetorical question!)
Next off to a big brew-HA at the annual Pork-n-Brew Festival in Rio Rancho...where I was the invited dog-celebrity for this tasty festival.  Here I am being escorted around the festival by the #1 man, Mr. Mike....of the Santa Ana Star Events Center...where lots of action happens all the doggone time!
 But a dog's gott work ya know.....and now I am headed on a little "research" trip down to Elephant Butte.....where I have to check out the BIG lake.  And what better way to check it out than on a pontoon boat ride, eh?  AND you thought I was Dog-Gilligan, off to find the Island, didn't you!  HA! (one of my famous bulldog jokes there!)
...back on the road, makin' sure there are Pet-Friendly lodging options in New Mexico...and here I am at one of my all-time-dog-favorites.  Golden Eagle Lodge in Red River.  Now I LIKE the way they spell out that they are PET FRIENDLY....pretty clear to see, eh?   

 And we're still on the road lookin' for those vintage photos for the GET THE PICTURE campaign.  Here I am at Red Rock State Park near Gallup, taking in the scenery of our beautiful state....and then on up north... check out one of the most photographed churches in the world at Rancho de Taos. Pretty doggone fab scenery all over this state if ya ask this travelin' dog! Yup New Mexico is one doggone grand pet-friendly (and people friendly too!) state!
...time to bring together the brainiacs in our SMART city Los Alamos....where those hard-thinkin' inventin' scientists are hard at work.  I was invited to be the Dog-Celeb at the annual "Next Big Idea" festival...and what did they do...but create a JACK CAM.  Here I am sporting this creation...which BTW was dog-vented by a 13 year old Brainiac-Drake.  He's one tecky dude...and I LUV him! Click on this link if ya want to see the results of our little dog-speriment!  Pretteeeee doggone cool
.......and that's the LOW-DOWN on this great festival from my pup-spective!
(get it-LOW DOWN....bulldog....ANOTHER one of my bulldog jokes...I'm on a roll today, eh?) I tired yet or what?  Timeout at the Elkhorn Lodge for a little RandR pup-style.  Love my 2nd home in Chama....and hey...we're Pet-Friendly!  Dog-magine that! 
                              Okay rested up and back on the road.  Like historic Route 66 road. 
Wonderin' where we captured this pup-pic?  Well it would be in Tucumcari at the historic and authentic Blue Swallow Motel-a vintage motorcourt motel that is the REAL thing.  In their mini-garages between the rooms (see-I told you it was a motorcourt!) they painted these dog-fabulous murals on the walls....I do dog-believe they painted this one special for me. Do you agree?

...and that means it is time for BALLOON FIESTA in Albuquerque!  Just the doggone grandest (and biggest) balloon event in the whole world!  That would be a true statement too...I know....'cause I'm there every year!  One fantastic photo op after another.....and I LUV to experience it from the Balloon Museum's lawn where this year I also hosted the 2nd annual FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY! We had loads of hot-air fun...and we raised $$s for Lucky Paws Shelter and adopted some pups to new families too!  YAH again!
And speakin' of pup adoptions.  I also co-hosted the 2nd Four-Footed Fashion Show (with my TV doll, Nikki at "New Mexico Style" where we watched the adoptable dog models work the red carpet runway showing off great dog apparel and themselves too!  We got all 6 of our adoptable models placed in homes....and I sure did enjoy watching the TV spot at my house afterwards too!  Oh, BTW, on the tube...that's Nikki and Jill...and me (I'm in the middle case ya didn't know-HA!...another bulldog joke) sitting on the sideline at the Fashion Show doing the commentary.  It's my job to make sure they TALK right!  And they did!  Good job gals!  LUV ya both!
And barkin' about's time to get serious here (????) and put on my Golf Knickers for a good cause.  It's the SAVE LUCKY PAWS  Charity Golf Tournament....and I helped raise bucks for the pups at this dog-fabulous tournament.
 It was just the PAWfect way to spend a glorious day on the golf course with these snazzy golfers!


 ...time to pawse and reflect on the good things in life.  I spent some (much dogserved) down-time at the Elkhorn Lodge for Thanksgiving!  Here I am toasting my toes in front of our fireplace at the lodge. AND here's the kicker for the year!  PetSmart posted this pic on their Facebook page as a holiday greeting to all their friends and fans.....and my photo got 16,000 LIKES in 24 hours!  Whew-doggies now THAT's a lot of luv from those PetSmart fans!   YAH! Luv ya back...all 16,000+ of ya! 
But on to the next next book.  I joined up with my favorite Radio Host,  Terrie Q Sayre (I think the Q stands for QUEEN of the Air Waves but she won't confirm that!)  who is on the air every weekend on KKOB radio.  We we are both aficianados of helpin' out animals in need...that with the help of book publishers, Rio Grande Books...we would create a new book that would be (drum roll here) a Fundraiser for shelter pets! 
                                 Now is that a doggone grand idea or what!?! 
Thanks Rio Grande Books for being the brain child of this book project!  We of course had to capture a photo for the book we took some time out of our busy holiday schedules for this photo shoot.  AND a special thanks to our photographer extra-ordinaire, Christena Stephens, who came all the way from Texas to shoot us (with her camera of course!)  


Of course I had to get in my good dog-deed of the month too! So Jill and I dogcided together that the best way to say thanks to all our 2-footed kid friends everywhere was to make a donation to the TOYS FOR TOTS Campaign here in Albuquerque! So we all met up at the Balloon Museum's FESTIVAL OF FLIGHT and Jill and I donated over 700 kids' books to the Marines....our heroes who not only protect us 24/7/365 but who also orchestrate this wonderful charity drive for kids. It's a truly PAWSOME benefit and we're proud to be a small part of it!

                                                                                      And then it was time to celebrate the holidays! I added to my resume the title of 'Pup-Poet' by writing my own special version of a timeless Christmas poem treasure...only I renamed it to.....
                                       "THE NIGHT BEFORE DOGMAS"
It was my special holiday greeting this year....and if you missed it just scroll down to the previous blog....

AND that my friends is a dog-breviated look at my year.....Un-dog-fortunately, I couldn't include ALL my special happenings (why it would take a year to do that!) but these were a few of my favorite .....
                                                                   ..... 2012 Dog-Moments.

 But now it's the end of the year...and as we get ready to ring in the new year......Here's my wish to everyone! 
Have a Safe And Happy New Year.....and I'll see you in 2013
.....ready to PAWTEE of course! 
                                                          Oh....and one final reminder!
                              YOU TOO CAN GET INCLUDED IN OUR BOOK PROJECT! 
Just send us a picture of your pet to be part of our book!  Click on PET FRIENDS to see how!  


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