Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The New Year is a time of reflection and renewal for people...but why stop there?  

  It's time some DOG set the concept straight...and who else would that pup-sibly be but ME- Travelin' Jack of dog-course.  Why, you betcha...I've got some PET RESOLUTIONS for 2013 and I think it's high time I share those secrets with you too! 

    Of course the PAWfect way to bark about this subject would be to share it on my favorite TV show, "New Mexico Style" with my gal-pal Nikki Stanzione. 

So we headed to the set on this very day-the 2nd of talk about it.
Click on the following link to see what we had to say: PET RESOLUTIONS

Did we talk to fast for you to get all that top-dog info down?  Well never is all the poop- 'er I mean scoop-- JUST for you!
Travelin' Jack's 4-PAWed Resolution Guide for 2013.

1) EXERCISE. Yep, this resolution is NOT just for people.

PET OBESITY IS A GROWING PROBLEM. Approximately 53% of adult dogs and 55% of adult cats are classified as obese. This overweight problem, just as in humans, can create health challenges for your Diabetes....or even injuries (like Canine Cruciate Ligament injuries--exacerbated by overweight pets stressing out their back legs). So it's your doggone duty to manage your pet's weight!

RESOLUTION: Take a 30 minute walk with your pet daily in addition to your normal activities. We dogs just LUV this exercise.....AND guess what (double-dog-deal here) it will be good for BOTH of you!

2) ANNUAL MEDICAL CHECK-UP.  Just as it is important to prioritize YOUR annual wellness check-up, so is it important too for US PETS! From necessary vaccines....preventive heartworm programs even an annual dental check up for your pet....they're all equally important to keeping your pet fit and healthy.

And Now is a good time to make an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet is up on all their shots and medications. And don't forget to get that Microchip too (if you don't already have one).  Dognapping is up 70% according to American Kennel it's doggone important to have your pet  microchipped.

RESOLUTION: Make a Wellness appointment with your Veterinarian soon.

3) TRICKS. Yes, you CAN teach an old dog a new trick or two (or a young dog for that matter too!). This here is JD Platt and his super duper K9 KINGS FLYING DOGS.  And let  me bark at ya.....they are MY motivation for learnin' new tricks. I got to meet up with them at the Balloon Fiesta this year...and they do dog-definitely have some tricks up their paws!  Now I might not do THIS trick... but there are LOTS of tricks that are right for just about any dog! 
And it's easy as 1-2-3.  Choose a new trick for YOUR dog and incorporate that fun activity into your daily routine.
For example:  An active an Australian Aussie loves activity based tricks like Frisbee games or Agility contests.
 Low key dogs (like ME) may be more suited to learn how to "roll over and play dead". HMMMMM...think I'll give that one a try this year!  Stay tuned for THAT photo down the road a bit!
I've already got the trick of "playing nice to get a treat" down paw-pat perfect!

RESOLUTION: Teach your dog a NEW trick (or more) in 2013! You'll both be entertained....and you'll impress all your friends with those smart new tricks.

4) PET-CATION!  Of course Travelin' Jack would promote this Resolution!

New Mexico is a FABULOUS state for pet friendly travel. With seasonal opportunities scattered around the state...there are LOTS to choose from.

I think I'll plan a WINTERTIME pet-cation in Ruidoso...

where I can ride in the Gondola at Ski Apache to view the world from the top  .....and play in the snow!

SPRINGTIME I think I'll head down to explore Sierra County's Ghost Towns Chloride and stay overnight in an historic log cabin...  .
where I can while away the day imagining what dogs of yesteryear did in those historic sites.
...and then explore them in dog-person!

SUMMERTIME.....the cool mountains of North Central New Mexico call out with activities like hiking along gurgling rivers

....or sailing away on a pristine lake
......there are LOTS of great COOL places to explore up north!

FALL foliage is superb in Chama. Hiking the mountain paths amidst the golden Aspen...awaiting the sound of the whistle of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR as it passes by......pretty doggone exciting eh?

RESOLUTION: Plan your pet-cations now...... These are fun vacations for people too!
There's NO better place to plan that trip with so many exciting places tucked all around than New Mexico!

Yep......Travelin' Jack is ready for a great 2013....and it's time for you to set those 2013 resolutions for YOUR pet NOW!   AND the best part of this plan? You will benefit right along with your pet!

    Oh....doggone forgot one other resolution you MUST make! 
Get YOUR pet in a book this year!  It's so easy even a cat could do it!
And here's just the book:"TERRIE Q & TRAVELIN' JACK PET FRIENDS".

Don't delay for dog's sake!
The deadline for photo submissions is January 15th.
And it's a fundraiser for Animal Welfare!
AND it's just one doggone cool thing for you to do for YOUR pet this year!  Here's the link for all the details.




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