Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is YOUR Pet Ready to be a STAR?

Yup Pup....that's right. 
Is YOUR pet ready to be a STAR? I'm bettin' my KIBBLES for the day
(wouldn't want to wager more than that afterall....I could STARVE!)
 that your pet would LUV to be a STAR!

And here's how....just submit YOUR favorite photo (or more!) to
 and your pet could be showcased in the amazing book PET FRIENDS soon to be published.

Here's the Book Cover......of course I'm on it...along with the Queen of the Air Waves, Miss Terrie Q!  You know that doggone grand gal that is ALWAYS talks about dogs and pets on her KKOB Weekend Radio Show!

And here's an even BIGGER and BETTER reason to participate in this book!  ALL the photo proceeds go to support Albuquerque's two great City Shelter Foundations.....SAVE LUCKY PAWS and KENNEL KOMPADRES!  And that means that the money goes directly to the 4-footed kids at the City Shelters.  Now THAT is what I call a doggone good cause! 

Just think....YOU can be a hero to YOUR pet (all the animals around New Mexico are just beggin' to get into this book ya' know) and you could be a local hero to the shelter pets too!

The submission time for photos is JANUARY don't hesitate....get those photos in NOW!  And you'll be one proud Pet Parent, I'm a bettin'!

THANKS so much for helping our pets in need.    Just click on this link.....and your pet is on its way to becoming a Literary


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