Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's Doggone BRRRRR Out There!

I don't know about you but's freezy cold outside.....
.... so I think I'll just stay inside and blog about a Pet-Friendly Winter message.  You know you can just never be too careful when it comes to taking care of your pets.

So....with that barked about, here are some pet winter safety notes I have been jotting down to remind everyone about this doggone important subject.

1) TIME TO BE INSIDE!  In New Mexico, there are some frigid temps out there right now, so DON'T be leavin' those pets outside.  Bring 'em in!  Wind will drop the temps even more, so please be aware of these weather factors on top of cold temps.    Just use this guideline....if it's too cold for you...then it's probably too cold for the dogs and cats in your family too!  Old and young pets are especially sensitive to cold so play it safe with them for dog's sake!

OH...and on the pawsitive side of cold!  Wintertime makes for GREAT SNUGGLE TIME!  Both with your persons as well as your kitty and doggie family too!  Oscar and I believe in snuggle-time!


2)  OUTSIDE PLAY TIME!  While winter weather might be a bit frosty on the's still a fun time to play outside....'specially in that fresh new powder they call SNOW!  I dog-personally LOVE to play in the snow.  But here's a tip for those wintery play times.

3) DRESS for the event. Not only does my sweater keep me warm and cozy, it also shows off the High Stylin' Pup that I am!  Now don't I just look dogonaire in this snuggly SWEATER?  Yup-Pup...that would be a YES! Dog-personally, I have a whole closet full of dandy sweaters...even a ski jacket.....why I wouldn't be caught playing dead without my winter cozies! 
BOOTIES or not?  They make special booties for dogs who like to play in the snow.  Some dogs like em....some don't.  They are available at most pet stores.  If your pet won't keep 'em on, then  consider PET FOOT BALM... there are a number of good dog foot salves out there to coat your pet's paws and protect them from Ice and cold.  But make doggone sure it's made for PETS.  It must be edible, as us dawgs do like to lick our paws so it needs to be safe too!     
4) FOOD & WATER  This is the time to bulk up.  Make sure you feed your pet a little bit more if they are outside a lot ...they need substance in their body because they expend more energy coping with the cold temps.  BUT don't do this if they are inside couch potatoes....we want no pudgy pets....not real healthy you know! 
WATER is very important in cold temps. Snow is NOT a source of drinking water.  Make sure your pet stays hydrated, so check and fill that water bowl often.  AND if there is an outside water bowl, make sure the water does not freeze... heated water bowls are an option if your pet is outdoors for lengthy time periods.
5) PROPER GROOMING   This might sound a bit silly...but doggone's important.  Dry indoor air, fireplaces etc dry out that air...and just like it affects YOU PEOPLE's skin, so does it dry out our pet skin and causes shedding as well.  Ways to combat dry fur is to brush often to get rid of dead hair and skin and to stimulate the glands.  A nice visit to the Doggie Day Spa is OF COURSE a doggone good idea!  Never underestimate a good paw-ssage, conditioning shampoo....and a little PUP PAMPERING!  A MUST in my dog-estimation!

6) WINTER VACATION knew this was comin' from this travelin' dog.  Here's my Dog-Philosophy on this subject.   Winter is here to stay for at least a few why WHINE about it....get the car packed and hit the road for a fun winter vacation! Why we here in New Mexico are Dog-Blessed with great wintertime fun destinations...and they DO include the PET too!  Some of my Favorites include:

SIPAPU Ski Area.  Now here's a fun time for the whole family.  The one and only Sipapu Cardboard  Derby Race.    BARK about a good time!  The whole gang can get involved in this fun event scheduled this year for Saturday, March get ready to slide!   

NOTE:  Dogs are not allowed to race (they made an exception for me last year since I am a famous Dog Reporter)  But here's a word to the wise from this dog to yours...DON'T even think about racing with your person.  Much more fun to watch the people slide down the mountian from the sidelines!  Let them be the crazy ones!  HA!  Oh...and 2nd NOTE on this.  I'll be a Celebrity Judge at the Race this make sure to look for me when you come to this fun winter happenin'!   

RUIDOSO.  They call this the Ultimate Winter playground, and I would have to dogree!  In addition to all sorts of fun wintertime activities in town, their local ski area, Ski Apache  is PET-FRIENDLY!

Yup-you heard me right.......You can take your pet to the ski area and buy a ticket on their enclosed gondola.

Take a ride to the top of the mountain (or it might be the top o' the world....seemed like it to me) with your dog!  Now this is what I call a treat!  You can watch the action from inside the enclosed gondola....

...and the BARK ON THE STREET is that they have a brand new Gondola this ski of dog-course, I will be checkin' that out real soon!  And so should you.....Ruidoso is a great winter time destination.

RED RIVER is one of my all time FAVORITES!  But specially in the wintertime. 
You (and by you...I mean the pet too!) can play in the snow around can eat lunch at the base of the Red River Ski Area on the deck...while watching the slope action....  
and you can even hit the trails with your person at Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area...they have a dedicated area where the pooch can hit the trail too!  Talk about a good I come...ready or not!  Yep...Red River is one fun pet-friendly wintertime destination.

...and those are just a few of my dog-recommendations.  There are LOTS of very fun places to go visit and play in the snow this wintertime...right here in New Mexico.

But just make sure you take all these words of advice on taking care of your pet in these frosty cold days!  BRRRRRRR....stay warm!




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