Friday, January 25, 2013

Santa Fe-Cation at the Pawsome La Fonda Hotel

Well, in dog-truth it was a working trip....not a vacation.....but HEY how can you grump around when the assignment is at the FAB-ulous La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza?
NOT THIS DAWG....I can sniff out a good gig even with this squooshed up nose!

You see, I-Travelin' Jack, New Mexico's most famous....and adored PET TRAVEL reporter......had several assignments on this trip.
I had  to dogficially welcome our Ski Journalists who were coming to visit, ski and write about our FABulous NM ski resorts.
George Brooks our Ski Leader E.D. of Ski New Mexico  was here at the kick-off Ski Reception to ensure the visiting journalists kow all about our great New Mexico powder...AND our 9 ski resorts.  Course I MUST help him with the official WELCOME....

But before the reception..... I have to dog-personally check out and review the

so that means I must get to work! 
I's a RUFF job, but some dog's gotta do it!
See, La Fonda, one of America's historic hotels...and one of Santa Fe's gems is
I know some folks would say "who wudda thunk"...but this dog reporter is on the job and is on top of all the poop---er scoop!
So not only am I checkin' it out...but I am doin' a PRE-Renovation Check out.  See...they are undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation of their 170+ this trip we're doin' the BEFORE thing...and then in the fall, we'll come back and check out all the changes.
Here I am checking in through the garage entrance to the Hotel.  Notice the nice artwork on the wall...I dog-certainly hope they keep those special New Mexico touches! Neat, eh?   
And get this!  There's even an artful forest in the parking garage....WoWee Gazoowie!  A dog might wanna lift a leg on that.....don't worry I was good!    BOL!
                      that I've CHECKED OUT the covered garage's time to CHECK IN! And wouldja get a glimpse of this!?! My very own Doggie Gift Bag! Presented by the Reception Manager himself! Now that is pretty Dog-pressive! Can't wait to see what is inside. It's obvious they are dog-definitely PET FRIENDLY!

Time to check into to our room.....ER  correction! SUITE.  Talk about SWEET! 
This was one nice set of digs here at the historic La Fonda Hotel. 
Here is our kitchen....and stop a dog-minute here! 
There's my Welcome Bag.....I gotta check it out pup-suite puleeze! 
Every pup gets a La Fonda special EMILIA POOCHIE Gift Bag.  Tucked inside that little black bag was a squeaky toy (YAHOO-my favorite kinda toy!)  AND a dog-fabulous gourmet yogurt dipped peanut butter THAT's something to chew on!  There are also information sheets on pet-friendly places and tips around Santa Fe.  Handy-dog-dandee for sure! THANKS La Fonda! LUV IT! 
But on with the tour of my SWEET Suite! (#274 in case you wanna check it out personally!)...Here's the Living Room, complete with a Luv-A-Lee Kiva Fireplace...and  pretty comfortable furniture too! Definitely get that Santa Fe feel here...what with the hand painted furnishings and all!
Why there's even hand painted art work in the bathroom!
And art is everywhere! Even on the glass doors leading into the bedroom!  AND WoW! Take a look at this gi-normous and fabulous bedroom!  This suite dog-definitely gets a Jack Hi-Paws-5 dog-dorsement!   
And here's our very own balcony.....where you can watch the Santa Fe action on the Plaza...yes that's's a paw-step away from the hustling-bustling Santa Fe Plaza!  Pretty doggone handy! Can't ask for more than that for LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION!

Now that I've checked out the room....I better get ready for the Evening's festivities.
Check me out in this gi-normous Dressing Room in my suite! 
I think they thought of doggone everything for the fashion and cushy conscious pup (and people too!) 
It's time for the Ski we're heading up to the Rooftop Terraza. 
Talk about a nice setting.....the Cathedral right behind me.....this might just make a dreamy spot to get married....
HMMMM.....not ready to bark out my vows yet, hunky bachelor that I am...
but I will keep it in mind for Someday!  

But now it's time to get serious.....(BOL! of my famous bulldog jokes....Get It?) 

Rob, from Geiger PR Firm....our Tour Specialist Team Extraordinaire is headin' up this whole ski press tour...and Rob is lettin' me in on some of the low-down.  They'll be exploring
                                                                           Ski Santa Fe
                                                                    Taos Ski Valley,
                                                                       Red River Ski Area
                                                   and even
                                                                    Ski Apache in Ruidoso.                                                
                            Hmmm makes a dawg wanna ski, eh?
 But my job here tonight is to dog-ficially welcome the Ski journalists.  Hmmmm....what is this all about?!?  You are messin' with the Dog-Governor of New Mexico here.....ah's all in good fun and about bein' dog-spitable, ya know!  (Don't tell him...but I actually LIKED this little ear-massage!)

After all the work and fun is over, it's time to hit the sack in my comfy cozy room with this snazzy bed!



Good-Morning....and a Dog-Dandy good morning it is! 
Back to work (tee-hee) at the breakfast table.
Ya know some dog's gotta do a Food Review and who better than MOI! 
Check out this yummy SW delight of a breakfast at La Fonda! 

AND I get to join in on this taste-treat because La Fonda offers lobby-side indoor dining where we dogs are WELCOME!  Now that is what I call pet-friendly!  Thanks AGAIN La Fonda Hotel!  For thinkin' of us pups who like to travel.....and EAT!

Pup-script on this....the breakfast was double dog YUMMY! (That's my Food Review!)

But now it's time to go shopping!  And you can do it right inside La Fonda Hotel.  They have several areas with some top notch shopping

.....including the finer things in life!

 And wouldn't you know it.....they are PET-FRIENDLY too!  Yahoo!  Luv this store!
Jill don't look...I'm thinkin' there might just be the perfect Valentine gift in here for you!

we've Partied, we've Slept, we've Dined and we've Shopped! ALL inside the historic La Fonda on the Plaza!  Dog-Definitely gets my prestigious 5-PAWS rating for all-encompassing pet (and people) luxury throughout! 
I'm comin' back...

after the grand renovation....which is in progress as we bark!  When this multi-million dollar renovation is complete in mid-August 2013, they will have 178 rooms and suites!

So's I'm a-thinkin'....this dog needs to be the 1st dog to sniff out the findings when complete! 
YUP-PUP now that is a plan and it is goin' in the Doggie DayTimer right now!
You can be sure I'll report back then!

But since I am in Santa Fe.....need to check out some of the fun pet-friendly places and things to here go a couple Travelin' Jack pup-friendly Santa Fe recommendations

Can't come to Santa Fe without a bit o' ART perusing...and what better place to check out art than on the world-famous Canyon Road where there are over a hundred art galleries in a mile stretch.  And while I haven't done a scientific study (yet!) I'm pretty sure that they are all pet-friendly!  YUP-PUP, they even have water bowls scattered all up and down Canyon this gallery here, Darnell Fine Art.

There's all sorts of art...for every taste imaginable....Like

fine art, Native American art, textile art, modern art
                                                        sculpture art in outdoor sculpture gardens

folk art

                                                           why there's even Animal Art! 
I want THIS ONE! It's talkin' to me! ya little lamby! Here's a Jack-Smack just for you!
 And after Canyon Road..can't think of a better way to finish out my mini-tour of Santa Fe than the Railyard District.  Now this is a gathering place of all good things found here...from galleries to eateries to shops....even walking areas.  Dog-definitely worth checking final recommendation of this blog!

Now that I have filled your mind with all these great's YOUR turn to explore Santa Fe.....along with your pet of course!  And you might just want to explore it like I did...starting out with a fabulous stay at La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza. 
It might be at the End of the Santa Fe Trail...but it's only the Beginning of your Santa Fe-Cation!   


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