Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HAPPY Hot Diggity Dawg Days!

You know there is nuthin' that makes this pup happier than Event Hopping! And I can sure do that job hot-diggity dawg in grand style!

Why what's NOT to like.....hob-nobbing with cutie pie kids, Pawdi-graphing my book (award winning you might just recall---I DO! dog-grins)....and just hangin' with LOTS of fun folks at all different types of events.  Why just last weekend, I had 3...yes I barked that right THREE events in one weekend! 
Whoo-doggies...now that'll make this dog happy! 
First Stop---MORIARTY Civic Center for the Literacy Event.  I was the ONLY dog there....and it was one good-ol' time let me tell ya! I got to bark about my newest book PET FRIENDS...where I am on the Cover with Miss Terrie Q.....of 770 KKOB radio.  Ya know this books helps the 4-footed kids at the shelter!  Good thing yes siree doggie! 
 Next stop....TRAVELIN' JACK ON THE JOB!  It was my DOG-FICIAL duty to welcome folks at the brand new COMCAST INFINITY store in Albuquerque. 

And dog-o-dog....was that some RUFF duty or what! 
Why....I had to luv on folks...like this li'l cutie!

But have NO FEAR.....Travelin' Jack is here! 
All decked out in my dog-personalized Comcast T-shirt! 
I'm ready for the crowds! 

All hundreds of dog-zillions of them!  And so...my work begins.  Gotta pose for that photo......
And gotta snuggle with the kids
YUP-PUP That is a very dog-portant part of my job!

And of course.....if yer any kinda celebrity dog...ya GOTTA hang with the TV stars...especially when you are at a fine establishment connected to TV like Comcast is! Why doggone it...I just gotta pose with these two TV stars from Mad Men.  You can catch it on Comcast Infinity!
But WHOA doggies! 
 I've been workin' hard with all this dog-posing. 
Like a Coffee Break....Yup-Pup.....it's time for my Union Break!
SLURP...now that's better! 
Time to get back to work! 
Here are the Comcast Infinity Gals!
GOTTA get a pic with these gorgeous girls!
And talk about cuties! 
Now let me see...who's cuter...her or me? 
Yup...this Comcast Infitity Store Grand Opening was one doggone big deal! 
Thanks Comcast for including me!   
After a night's rest.....I'm off to the next happening scene....at one of my favorite places....
One pretty dog-dandy place wouldn't you agree! 
And here's a dog-fact for you!  
Did you know that Admission is Free on Sundays for New Mexico Residents? 
Leave it to Travelin' Jack to sniff out these great tips!

But now it's time to get to work.  More cute kids to visit with....wow...there's lots of great stuff to see and do at this special event Dia De Los Ninos and Libros.
  (HINT-that means Day of the Kids and the Books....I DO know my Spanish!  Ya know I'm tri-lingual.  I bark English, Spanish and Dog!) 

And here's another JACK FACT....did you know that New Mexico has TWO official state languages?  Yup....it's true-nuf.  Both English and Spanish are the official languages of New Mexico!.

Why....I'm waitin' for them to name me OFFICIAL DOG OF NEW MEXICO  here pretty soon!  Thinkin' I'm gonna get a call from the Governor any day now. 
(If you agree with me....maybe you should call your favorite Legislator and put a bark in their ear! I'd be most dog-preciative-WOOF!)

            But I dogress.....back to the Balloon Museum
Here are some more little cuties...We're havin' a good ol' HUG-FEST! 
And they are takin' my advice about learning about New Mexico!  They have the official KIDS PASSPORT TO NEW MEXICO...ready to explore the state! That was my little gift to them! 

And now it's STORY TIME! 
I think I'll listen with the kids while Jill reads my book....Travelin' Jack's Story..From Shelter To Star!  And happy dog-days!  It has a happy ending!

Oh..and here's another JACK FACT....did you know that 50% percent of each book sale goes to support the puppies and the kitties at the Shelter? 
I make doggone sure that those little cousins of mine get their dog-wheaties every day...TILL they get adopted into their forever home!
Today I'm raising dollars for LUCKY PAWS at Coronado Mall.

And YAH! 
Here's a customer! Not only is she happy about getting her very own PAW-digraphed book, but she also knows she is helping out the pups and cats too! 

Now THAT is what I call a doggone successful weekend, don't you?  More adventures to come soon too!  Like Book Signings at Treasure House Book Store, The Southwest Book Fiesta and more!  So stay tuned....and follow me on Facebook too....Travelin' Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter!
Have a GRRRRReat Day!



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