Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is Sprung! Yippee!

 Yippity Doo Dog!  I LUV Sringtime!  Flowers flowers everywhere!  Warm temps and blue skies.....what's a dog not to love eh? (and people too I'm guessing....being the sage dog that I am!)

 So LOTS of things come to mind.......Like getting all spruced up for somewhere important to go.  After favorite sayin' is "Let's Hit The Road JACK!" 
BUT before you get in that are a few tips from this savvy dog pet travel reporter!

Seems like a no-brainer to me...but are a few reminders

#1 Get spruced up!    Head to your favorite pet groomer...and let them do all the dirty work!  A pup-ssage, a nice conditioning wash and dry,  toenails trimmed, ears cleaned....dogcetera....It is ALL good! And healthy too!  Good for the pup.
 Nothin' like a little pup-pamperin' I always bark!

#2  Visit your Vet for your annual Pet Check-up.  And be sure to ask for a certificate of your current vaccinations.  They can print them off easy as pie...and you have all your credentials in place....ready for roadtime adventures.  (IF you are me, Travelin''ll hold out for a special goody bag of treats from your vet.  Works for me anyway!...give it a try Fido and Fifi!....just pout a little after that examination...) 

  #3  PACK that important stuff!
Make sure you pup-pare for those possible bugs and critters along the way.  So in addition to that annual check-up, I dog-personally recommend  VetGuard for Dogs.  It keeps those pesky fleas, ticks and mosquitos off your dog, so he can enjoy the Great Outdoors in comfort and peace.  It's made by VetIQ....check it out here
#4 PUPARE.  I ALWAYS pack my travel backpack with good stuff like this....along with my cool travel duds.......favorite my VERY dog-fav MINTIES!  These are DOUBLE DOG YUM!  And do you know WHY they are double dog yum?  Because for one very important thing....they TASTE GOOD! And for another very important thing....they are Triple Action Packed.  They help Clean my teeth, Freshen my breath...and remove plaque and THAT is a triple dog deal! is True.  I like my VET IQ products...I take them with me where-ever I go!  So if YOU wanna be a smart pup like me.......  

Pack Your bags....get ready........Get pup-ared.......and

HIT THE ROAD in style! 
BEEP BEEP....get outta my way....HERE I COME!   



  1. This is truly insightful! Thanks for posting!

  2. You received an award from ME! Love, Cinnamon

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