Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's to a Doggone GRAND 2012!

 HowDee there....and a little belated WELCOME to 2012!  (I'm still recoverin' if you don't mind!)
Yup-pup there was a lot to celebrate winding down a grand year--2011....and this dog is no slouch...we partied in the New Year at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama...big bonfire by the Rio......lots of folks, big and little, drinking bubbly juice and roasting marshmallows....we had a burning ceremony to burn up all the BAD things from 2011 (I didn't have any as I had a doggone GRAND year!)...and there were even pups at the party.  We heralded in the New Year early...didn't want to be outside at Midnite when they started shooting off those crazy fireworks...none of THAT for me thank you very much!).

 Yep it was a great holiday....We also played in the snow at Sargents' Wildlife Refuge in Chama.  Great 20,000 acre playground for pups and people too.  We saw some cross country skiers...but we just played Snow races and......

                                       ..gotta admit...I ate a little of the white stuff too!
BUT NOW it's 2012!  And this dog is startin' off on a roll!  I'm booked at the BIG TIME....New Mexico RV Boat and Travel Show!  
SEE....here's the proof....and you can print this off for a $3 discount to the show too!  What a doggone good deal eh?  I'm gonna be paw-digraphin' my book (given out FREE to the 1st 30 kids each day of the show)....and I'll also be doling out Jack-Smacks (that's kisses for you not in the know!)....and other fun stuff too!  So be sure to COME to this BIGGEST....BEST....travel show in the state!  And be sure to come visit me too!  I'll be there all 3 days...see hours on the flyer!   Can't wait to see you there.

And this is just startin' the good times rollin!  I have MANY fun things planned for the year....can't let Jill get lazy...gotta keep her on her toes and behind the wheel...so we can share ALL the great places for you to visit in New Mexico!  We're plannin' some double dog fun getaways!  So keep on following my adventures...and I'll keep on writin' my pawsome reviews of places to go and things to do!

                                        But for now....HERE's to a BULLY good year-2012!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!