Thursday, January 26, 2012


OKee Dokee Doggie!  Another Challenge for Travelin' Jack.  As you know....New Mexico is celebratin' it's 100th Birthday of Statehood!  Hot diggity dawg! 

On January 6th we hit 100 years young....and still lookin' good I might add! 

So in celebration of this landmark, New Mexico Tourism decided to launch a EVERYONE....dogs included of course....cause we're SUCH a pet-friendly state!  

The 'get the picture' 2012 style!  They have posted 100 old-tyme photos (100 years/100 photos....get the connection?....just makin' sure ya know!)  that are scattered all around our 'enchanting' state.  So now it's my--your---anyone's chance to show off their knowledge of many of our state's great places.  And snap a photo in the process. know me.....I LUV a challenge!  And I'M ON IT!  The contest started a couple weeks ago and lasts till OCTOBER 12th! I have time to 'HIT THE ROAD JACK' in search of all these 100  locations  ('s a lot of paws-ing around this big state so glad I've got some time!) 

So far I've snagged 3 photos     

                       # 11 in the Photo Gallery

      # 5 in the Photo Gallery

            #2 in the Photo Gallery

.....but HEY...I'm just startin'.....97 to go!!!!!!  This should be DOUBLE DOG FUN!  Why as Jill and I are tootlin' around the state....I'm keepin' a sharp dogs-eye out for these places!  And I'll get MY mugshot taken there!  And add it to the List! we go...ready for another rompin' rousin' ride around New Mexico!  

You can follow my progress on Facebook.  I'm gonna post each and every picture of MOI in the latest pic...once it gets a MATCH from the folks at NM Tourism!

You can join in too!  It's LOTS of fun...and there's a grand prize of $10,000 too....did I dog-mention that!  Now THAT's a lot of doggie biscuits ya know?!?!  

But I'm doin' it for the fun...and the LUV of my bee-u-tiful state!'s not too late to get travelin' around New Mexico and to get snappin' those photos!  Here's the link for the contest.

Oh and don't come asking ME where the secret spots are!  I'm not TELLIN' where these locations are!....ya' gotta find 'em for yourself....just like ME, Travelin' Jack!  If I   can do it....well then....I'm a-thinkin' so can you!

Gotta go now...time to hit the road in search of my next picture MATCH! 

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS  (Pup-Script) IF I should be so doggone lucky as to WIN the contest...I'm donatin' 50% of the moneys to New Mexico Animal Welfare!  I have lots of kanine and kitty kusins that need food and shelter till they find their forever family!  And that money could go a LONG LONG WAY to helpin' my furry friends!

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