Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boats, RVs and Fun with Travelin' Jack

 Travelin' Jack here at the New Mexico Boat RV and Travel Show...settling in to do some dog-serious business at the Albuquerque show that's ALL about FUN!  As Dog-Governor of New Mexico...and THE pre-eminent pet travel's my job here to make sure EVERYONE gets in on all the fun!  And let's start with a big SMILE, eh?  By dawg...I think these gals have got it!

Time to get down to dog-business!  After a quick and friendly meeting with the BIG Boss...Mr. Jim...coordinator of the Event and his dawlin' Sidekick....we agreed on LOTS of things... I should KISS every kid that came by..
MWAAAGGHHH!  There's a Jack-Smack for you guys!  Thanks for visiting me!
and paw-digraph a copy for every family my award-winning book Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star!
and even give away CHANCE the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet plush gi-normous doggie every day!  WoW! Talk about a lucky gal! Sima won this one..and she was sure happy!  But who wouldn't be? That's one cool dog-dude!  And if you hurry you can still get your own at PetSmart..before they all sell out! 

  Yes...I was settlin' into the job mighty nice..visitin' with all the fab kids and folks..when WHAT's THAT?
I was located right NEXT to the comedy cooking team MAC & THE BIG CHEESE! The Ultimate Camp Cooking Team. Now that's one fun-nee duo!   I made friends with them right quick let me tell you!  I'm no dummy....they've got FOOD!

But instead.....OH my was pure torture!  I had to sit on the these two crazy cooks/comedians tell jokes and cook up a storm!  Do ya know how doggone hard it is to SMELL those yummy HEAR that snazzy sizzle.... and to WATCH all those other people scarfin' down the cookin?  Why that is just not's really RUFF to be right there on the sidelines.  Hey Sorry ABQ Convention Center..if you notice some drool spots on the carpet.....NOT me...I dog-uarantee!  HARUMPH!   But all those folks in the audience sure did seem to like the food they cooked....but NO....I--Travelin' Jack---wouldn't know!  I'm afraid I might just waste away....SO

I took things in my own paws...and dog-cided to check out this big-time BOAT Show!  After all...I'm not wearing my Outward Hound Doggie Life Jacket for nothing! 

 Course I just HAFTA visit with the kids as I wander 'round all these doggone fabulous boats and RVs and stuff!  How's this pose eh?  And check out that snazzy motorboat behind me too!  But now I got the itch....I need to check out one of these cruisin' babes up close so...
                    I headed right to  Rocky Mountain  RV & Marine.....Simply The best!

I like the looks of this one.  Hey....Sir, could ya maybe show me how to DRIVE this Sun Tracker?

By Dawg...I think I've got it!  LET's GO! 
Wow..that was sure fun!  Think I NEED to get one of these babes...for some fun times on the water!

But no wait...maybe I'd rather have one of these babes......ain't she a cutie!  I know I gotta get back to work.

...Ya know it's a really RUFF job to greet all these friendly folks...but let me tell you....I sure did have a dog-dandy time at the New Mexico Boat RV and Travel Show.......can't wait to get back there next year. In the meantime......

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

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