Friday, January 6, 2012

HONK HONK!!!! Happy 100th Birthday New Mexico!

11:35 AM  JANUARY 6, 2012!
New Mexico is havin' a Birthday!  100 Years Old to be dog-xact!  And we are a celebratin'!  The City of Albuquerque put out the call to everyone to honk their horns at dog-xactly 11:35 guessed it....TRAVELIN' JACK was there! 

 And I was honkin' up a storm...with all my new friends at the Lomas Tramway Library!  We ALL had a doggone grand time cheering in the birthday wishes to NEW MEXICO!  You know they call our bee-u-tiful state the Land of Enchantment...but not ME!  Nope!  Travelin' Jack calls it the "Land of Dog-Chantment!"  Because it IS! It is the most pet friendly state anywhere...I dog-arantee!

 But HOW did this grand birthday Centennial party all come about today?  Well...I'm glad you asked.  OUR dog-personal little Centennial party was planned by Miss Cheryl M....Children's Librarian at the Lomas Tramway Public Library!  What a gal!  She sure does know how to throw a Paw-tee!  For Kids...and for Dogs too! (well at least li'l ol' me!)

We had our very own Story Hour party too!

 Jill read my book "Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star" and I paw-digraphed the book for the kids!

 And let me tell you...we had some cuties there!  Don't believe Me?  Take a look at this little gent....AND his name was Jack too! Pretty doggone cool in my dog-journal!

 And what about this little doll?  I'm sure dog-smitten with her...easy to see why too, eh?
 And whoo-whee....I even got one of the little angels to READ to me!  I'm listen' sweetie?  Hurry...can't wait to hear the ending!

Why I--Travelin' Jack--even got to participate in a story!  I played MR. COYOTE!  And I was a doggone good coyote too...let me bark to you!
Yup Pup....This doggaroo had one swell time Honking in the 100th Birthday of our Statehood! 
Thanks a dog-zillion to ALL my fellow partiers!  Let's all celebrate again this time 100 years from now!

But now I'm off again.....Next Adventure.....
New Mexico Boat RV & Travel Show at the Albuquerque Convention Center!  I'll be paw-digraphing books and doling out slurpy kisses today from 4-6PM and Saturday and Sunday from 12 Noon to 2PM.  SEE YOU THERE! 

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